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Pneumatic Fuel offloading pump?

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Originally Posted by PowerplayDave View Post
how are you disposing of 55 gallon barrels of fuel
15-30 gallons at a time in our daily drivers.
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Originally Posted by Turbojack View Post
Gasoline vapors are what blows up.

I had a garage fire back in 2000. I had a waverunner trailer with 6 - 6 gallon plastic gas jugs that were full. in garage. When the fire fighter were going into the garage I told them to be carefully, and told them about the jugs. After the fire was out my wife and I were walking thru what was left and she made the comment that she smelled gas. I looked over where the gas jugs were and they were about 6" shorter with a liquid on top. I though the liquid was water from the firefighters. After checking I reallized it was gas. I was suprised they had not blowen up in the fire since it had gotten so hot that aluminum had melted. Every investergator that came to look for cause of fire I asked about the gas jugs and everyone was supprised to see them sitting there with gas still in them. Finally a few days latter the insurance company sent over an investergator to see if he could find the cause. I asked him about the jugs and he said if they had been metal the heat of the fire would have caused them to explode. Since they were plastic tank he said that as the fuel vaporized there was probably a flame on the top of the tanks.

You can never be too safe with gasoline and make sure nothing sparks when there are vapors around.
Right so you have too be careless too have big problem, I turn a wrench for a living and have spent most of the last 25 years in a shop, I have seen my share of gas fires and it was allways somebody being carless. You can put a match out in a glass full of gas just have to have the wind blowing the right way so you get past the fumes. I once worked on a bike that had something in the gas tank so I pulled and drained the tank, six burned wooden matches dont ask me why.

Now I have never seen this done but talked to the old guy who has done it and I work with his grandson and have heard the stories from a few people I trust. He has mig welded a gas tank while leaking gas. The old dude says that if a car came in with a hole in the tank he would fill it with gas and then weld it while leaking, to me thats being careless and I wouldnt do it. 99.9% of the time nothing blows up just gets a flash and a littel bigger when it gets to the gas, to blow up it has to be a tank without a vent that gets so hot from the fire it blows up, a plastic jug will most of the time just melt and flare up when the gas leaks out.

You are right about fumes but Brian (sydwayz) is a pretty smart guy and I trust he wont blow himself up.
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