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New Dcb M31

Old 12-08-2010, 01:13 AM
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Sweet. The Canadian Gold Rush continues! Great job guys!
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Beautiful boat. Looks pretty big for 31'. Still, it takes a pretty sizable ball bag to run it 170.
Dave's fit and finish is absolutely is the price. But, you get what you pay for. Anyone know what that boats would cost? I have a customer with about a 10 yr old DCB and even then the rigging was first class. Much cleaner than anything else in its class of that time.
Congrats to someone. They are getting a dynamite piece.
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Why noone has done this yet
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Beautiful boat, I wonder why the buyer went for a 31 hull. Is that the fastest under 32 boat?
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Just got off the phone with Dave Hemmingson ... he said they had it around 170 mph during the first run and think it will hit 180 or even faster as they dial in. He was very complimentary of the new Merc engines and how well his boat handled the power. He also said the 31-footer ran from about 70 to 150 mph in around 12 seconds. Now that's fast!
The company is currently working on a new M35 with the 1350s, too. Powerboat will be testing either the M31 or the M35 after the new year.
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Originally Posted by NASCAT View Post
Is it headed overseas, noticed the rear speedo was in Kph??
Boat is heading to Canada I believe.

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Did anyone see what boost they were running?
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RPMs seem kinda high? is that ok for the 1350hps (twin turbo pkg?
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Full Throttle RPM Ranqe 6000-6500
176 mph
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