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3 Guys I Would Like To Thank

Old 12-10-2010, 02:39 PM
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Default 3 Guys I Would Like To Thank

Just thinking about who put some extra effort in here this year that helped entertain us folks.
There are quite a few that helped me through an event early in the year but beyond that I can think of 3 guys that put in extra effort for all of us.


Can you imagine the hours spent managing a couple of threads that total 325,000 views since May ?
For all the pics and all the knowledge and background stories.
Thankyou Steve.


Bob told me the other day at his club's poker run that Predator has been in 10 different countries. Unreal !!!
For the pics and taking us along on the journeys that most of us wont get the opportunity to do...Thankyou.


Without taking anything away from all the pic guys and their efforts, Jay went to events that had zero expectation of sales.
For the fun from LOTO and FANTASY FEST as well as the other 20 events, thanks pal.

And thanks to all the great members here that consume my idle time. Much appreciated.
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Bravo to all three of those guys! They certainly do enrich this place with their respective vast knowledge, zest and kindness, and talent.
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I learned more from steve 1 in his thead then I thought I would ever know about boat construction.

Bob is my boating idol. I aspire to one day to be able to do a fraction of the long range cruising adventures that he has shared with us.

Jay, love all of the pics. And especially love the "propaganda" you slide in there for us when we least expect it.
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I don't know of steve1 but Bob and Jay are amazing!!!
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Thank you Alec and others. I am blushing. LOL Those you mentioned are all just doing what we love to do. Steve and Jay have devoted countless hours of their time for our benefit and enjoyment. Thank you to them. There are many others here on OSO as well who contribute regularly to this sport that we all love. Kudos to them as well.
It is probably a good time for me to acknowledge your contribution as well, Alec. Your generosity in helping others needs to be recognized and this is a good time for us to do it. Some of what you do can be seen here but much more is done quietly and out of sight of many. Nice.
BTW, I double checked the 10 countries that Team PREDATOR has seen in 30 months. USA, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Island, And British Virgin Islands. We hope to add another 8 or 10 countries when we return and go " down Island" in Feb - May. It will no doubt be another "adventure" we can share.
All the best,

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Absolutely! Thanks guys!
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amen to that and hay bob if need a good good bilge rat on your next big trip count me in i built my boat you know
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Thanks guys for all you have done and will do

And Alec, you more than deserve to be included on that list for all you do and thanks for being the good friend that I am proud to have on my side.
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I second that. Love reading Bobs adventures, and wonder where he will be exploring next... as well as the years of knowledge gained on the PowerPlay and resteration threads from Steve1. The iceing on all this is all the awesome pics captured by Jay from all the different events, and being able to come back and view them anytime for enjoyment. Ya'll deserve this and more.. Congrats.
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While I've not met any of these people, I can say from personal entertainment and some envy that Bob is first on my list. Love to read and share in his adventures.

Oh, and Jay .... fantastic photos, keep them comin'
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