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World's fastest pleasure boat???

Old 12-14-2010, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Donzinator View Post
Personally I like the setup that boat has, hope the new owner keeps the engines in it.........That way I can say my old Sonic can blow away "an" MTI.
I think it would still be a close race
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Originally Posted by cdowns View Post
I think it would still be a close race

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Originally Posted by OUTLAW11 View Post
it was a 6# boat look on page 20 in the new power boat mag it was in this years proker run it had 900hp buddy has pics of it out of the water the guy was a ass hole how drove a hummer
I dont think so.....there's one similar to this one that has sixes and bigger power.
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I just noticed that those drives look eerily familiar to regular 1" shaft bravos with just IMCO caps on there for the steering and not anything special like XR's or IMCO's

Point being though, If I didn't have my Nortech, I would jump all over that boat. As long as those drives were rigged from the factory, they will be set at the right height. I bet it would run OK with some 6-700HP mills in it, and with some Teagues, or Imco's under there, you would have a decent boat.

What if you went ahead and put the Arneson conversion on it, and then you could spin a big enough wheel to get it to handle OK.

Just thinking out loud......
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Cheap price for the hull. The engines and drives are a joke. It baffles me why somebody went to the trouble rerigging with junk. Just sell the hull. Those engines and drives are worth about 5k if they run.
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Originally Posted by Griff View Post
If they owe 200k when its repoed and it only gets sold for 100k, then owner still has 100k debt to the bank plus the fees of the repo.
yeah but if the guy sells the power/drives for 40K then he has a few buck in spending money before the paperwork even gets started on the repo!
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My thoughts:

Always been a bravo boat because, if they were truly just swapping for cash, there is no way they would have put the power steering system on AFTER switching drives.

I bet there is a TON hidden and wrong in that thing.
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Default Shasta 08

If this is the boat I believe she ran 155 to the 1st card stop.
Not sure what power she had at the time.

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Look familiar? These are from May 21, 2005 at LOTO. The engines and rigging looked a little better then
Attached Thumbnails
World's fastest pleasure boat???-engine1.jpg   World's fastest pleasure boat???-engine2.jpg   World's fastest pleasure boat???-mti.jpg  

World's fastest pleasure boat???-woods.jpg   World's fastest pleasure boat???-interior.jpg  
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