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OT: 3 fans adult joke!


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Default OT: 3 fans adult joke!

Risk's yankee fan joke reminded me of this one
you can replace the teams with a boat mfg or car mfg.
no offense meant!

A yankee fan , a met fan, and a red sox fan are riding down the highway on their way to
The baseball hall of fame, when they come across a terrible accident where a woman has been trown from a car and is lying face up in the road, dead, and her clothes have been ripped from her body from the force of impact.

The yankee fan takes his hat off says a prayer and covers her exposed left breast.
The met fan not to be out done says a prayer and covers her exposed right breast.
The red sox fan like wise says a prayer and covers her exposed southern private parts.

By now the Police have arrived and have started the investigation.

The Trooper lifts the yankee hat and puts it down
Then he lifts the met hat and puts in down.
Then he lifts the red sox hat and puts it down,
Then with a puzzled look, picks it up again and puts it down,
With the same puzzled look this goes on 3 or 4 more times.
By now the red sox fan is furious and goes up to the trooper and says

“ why did you just pick up the other 2 hats once and you picked up my hat like 3 times?”

the Troper answers” I’ve seen a 1000 of these red sox hats and usually there’s an
a$$hole under neath it!”

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Hey, Hey, it....... Oldie but a goodie....have seen it with many different variations.
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