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Why no engine sync'ing?

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Originally Posted by tda3 View Post

I meant why we don't see it (digital auto throttle sync'ing) on todays' premium go-fast boats.

I'd venture reaction time.

When your running, leaving the water and re-entering, I have not seen syncros who could throttle very fast.

I would not relinquish the directness of linked throttles. Running diesels might be different they do not spool up as fast.
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the carver I drove this summer has throttle sync. They work well for large slow cruisers, but they do not react very quickly. I liked it because I was able to sync the throttles and choose an idle speed with a dial which was great for a little extra go while maneuvering in tight spaces with wind. I do see a place for it, but just not in the go fasts, if everything is running properly then your engines should be pretty damn close rpm wise
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the 10meter fountain i just bought has looks oem.i am probley going to chittt can it.
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My Smartcraft has a Snyc gauge in it.
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My Sea Ray has it. Makes those turbo Cummins whine like a 3 year old boy on his way to Sunday school.
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This gives you something fun to do while driving. I try to do it by ear without looking at the tach. I don't need it, of course that's what I said about EFI before I had it.
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Originally Posted by X-Driver View Post
I always thought dual engine boats should have an aviation style tach that you see on piston twins. One head with dual needles. That way all you do is put one needle on top of the other and then you know the engines are synched.

What is youe aviation background?

I'm a Manufacturing Engineer with Gulfstream Aerospace. Don't do much in the way "engineering" anymore 'cause I'm a group head. Which is a fancy way of saying that my job is keeping the kids playing together in the sandbox.

Ok - here's my thoughts and, granted this is from someone with no real world experience in piloting an offshore performance boat, however.....I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last month. Seriously - I did.

My brain says that since we've relinquished (in many cases) the introduction of fuel into the induction system to digital management systems (i.e. fuel injection), the next logical step would be to move to throttle by wire and get rid of mechanical linkage. I'm sure I can hear the moans & grons and folks are rolling their eyes, but hear me out. If aircraft companies and car companies can certify such systems to very rigid standards, marine companies should be able to implement such a system - especially since there is plenty of knowledge/experience out there to tap into.

Once that hurdle is overcome, it should be relatively easy to digitally manage the RPM's of muti-engine go fast boats with the movement of a single lever. In my way of thinking, when you're running along at speeds in excess of 100mph and up, throttling a single lever would be more efficient and potentially safer.

Hmmmm.....the fact that there's no evidence that such systems exist might be pointing to a possible business product. Yeah.....uh huh.....go ahead.....laugh at me now. But when I develop this system and become filthy rich with the world beating a path to my door, who'll be laughing then??


Wake up Tom.


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That's funny we had an auto throttle problem on one of our GIV's the other day, not sure i would want to be thinking about work when i'm on the water...

But it would be a cool thing to have the throttles working themselves and all you have to do is drive, untill it misses a hole and the drives explode on reentry!
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Good friend has twin 300 verados and has the electric helm with auto sync. on his Donzi fish. He uses it a lot as his hearing is not so good and the Verados are kinda quiet.
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The Merc Verados have a great sync system when ordered with the electronic throttles. But the throttles on all of the electronically controlled engines (not just Merc) have had some issues, not sure I would want to trust them to run big power yet. I met a guy at the boat show last year that had the Volvo set up and actually kept a spare throttle assembly on the boat because he had several failures. And a couple of years ago we had a sportfish here in Annapolis crush a Fountain fish boat against a dock because the electronic shifters on the SF failed at a very bad time.
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