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Do You NEED a Cabin?

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If you only use your boat for day trips then the cabin might just be a big storage locker. But if your like some of us that don't mind putting the boat in on the west side of Michigan and shooting across to Chicago for the weekend then you'll wish you had one. (that trip made number 5 of 5 for great lakes we've had the boat in) Besides the money you save on hotels will sort of fill the tank.
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Im a big fan of a cablin. Women LOVE to have a place to B/S when the sun is too hot, or need a place to lay down,or just get away from the group od drunks if needed. My Bullet had a great size cabin and enclosed head. There was lots of "meetings" down there and because of the bathroom, there was always a srteam of new chicks on the boat. Not a bad way to get lots of females on your ride Scot.
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Our boat has to have a cabin because we spend roughly 40-50 nights per summer on the boat. We live over an hour from the lake and commuting back and forth every day is not an option. But , if I lived on the lake, I'd have a cat for sure.
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In S. Fl cabins are for weather protection more than anything. Whether getting out of a passing storm or catching a few minutes of shade they suddenly become priceless when you need them.

As far as sleeping aboard, you better have good a/c otherwise it is a sweatbox in there!
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Originally Posted by thirdchildhood View Post
I'd bet if they boated on the Great Lakes the cabins would get used. There are just too many cool overnight destinations.
Same on Chesapeake Bay. I can't count the times we've stayed overnight on our 38 Formula. We custom-ordered it with generator and AC for that very reason. I can see that it would be different if you were boating on a small body of water, or the boat couldn't be equipped enough to be comfortable on hot nights or extended outings.

It's a classic example of "horses for courses": buy a boat that suits your needs.
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We also have to have a cabin. We spend almost every weekend on the boat. I really think its a geographical thing though. Up at PIB, or anywhere on the great lakes, the action is usually right at the dock. We used to sleep under the deck on or old 24' with no cabin, and it really sucked. It was a step up from camping, maybe. I don't think I could go without, unless I had 2 boats.
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We use the hell out of our cabin. Love having the enclosed head and I bet we sleep on it 15 nights a year. It's a must for us and I'll never own a boat without one.

Waiting out storms, getting out of the sun - tons of uses...
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Originally Posted by lucky strike View Post

What he said!

Agreed...for how we use our performance boat; but I also have a cruiser so if I was limited to only one boat it would likely have a useable cabin; i.e a 73 Viking or an 80 Pershing would do.
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I like a nice cabin in my sport boats, it gets so hot and humid around here it's nice to have a gen. to run A/c and I have to have a pump out head, my wife wont pee in the water and we sometimes go out for 2-3 days so I need a full cabin and head.

Now the perfect setup for me since I live on the water would be to have a few boats, right now I only have my 16 skiff with a 30hp on it and it aint cutting it. I would like to have a 24-28 Pontoon I can leave in the water, a 35-40 open center console with a full head, a 38-46 sport boat with twin 700ish hp about an 80-100mph boat with full cabin and head, then an 50-80 foot houseboat to have for the big party weekends plus it would be nice just to have it as like a geust house here. So yea about 5 boats and 2 jet skis sould do it.

With the prices of used boats out there right now I could do it with 300-350k right now with some nice boats that you would have had a hard time 3-4 years ago getting 2 of them
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Originally Posted by Comanche3Six View Post
It's a nice place to sit out a summer squall (anchored in a cove) till the rain/hail passes over. It makes the boat more comfortable/useable.

Exactly.... Personally, we love staying on the boat overnight, especially after a long day...and some of the time we stay on the sandbar, crank the generator, turn the a/c on and go to bed...its not as comfortable as our home, but its like camping, just on the water...Everything is remote control..typical sat. afternoon for us and about 20+ boats that eventually overnight at the island. This boat I had NT build some speakers that plug into the rear deck that I usually placed on the sunpad, another remote was at the rear, was great so I didnt have to crank up and wear the battery one Ill have an outlet close to the swim platform for the blender..
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