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Why No Boat Commercials?


Old 05-16-2002, 12:44 PM
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Default The looks I get from my little Baja alone !!!

Jeez, I trailer my boat,,, and the looks I get from 99% of the cars passing is amazing.. Little kids giving thumbs up, half of the people just about break their necks looking at my boat, and its just a little 232.. I'm always stopping at walmart on the way to and from boating,,, there is almost always a car crash because people are looking,, imagine some really fine wild paint, cig, OL, BT, commercial..
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More people = More laws..........

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Not that it was a boat commercial but I personally LOVED the Mercury outboard commercial where all of the other outboards (evinrude, johnson, force etc.) are cowering in the corner of some floating docks and the Merc is in the foreground and they say something about a wolf among the sheep. Classic!! But then the smell of 2 cycle has always made me turn my head and smile.

There's also the one in the dark with a black boat with the smiley face on the side with like a Pro Max or something that shoots out of a tunnel at Lake X.

That's quality television
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The House of Boats (I'm not 100% that was the name) was noted to be in Orlando.
What I saw flash (?) across the screen was a Fisher pontoon boat and a zip of a ski boat.

I'll get more detail if I see it again..
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Old 05-17-2002, 07:45 AM
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I never see them on national tv, but you will see lots of them if you watch fishing programs.
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Well, it's good to see that there are some boating influences out there. Maybe I'm just watching the wrong kind of tv...Who knows? But, what it seems we all agree on, is that the ads are nowhere to be found on a national level.

Good discussion, Thanks!!!
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Default PR coverage

you really said a mouth full at them missing the boat by not doing some advance coverage on their Boats. Go to any marina and you will find plenty of boats, so you know the public is interested.ever notice that in any area you will find the same kind of boats,word of mouth and the local exposier is the thing!The only time that people get the chance to really see different boats up close is at your local boat show.Once or twice a year?
instead of filling the few boat magazines with their ads they need to go for coverage like on TV, different kinds of magazines and so on! enough said, " Sales are only in line with the amount of contacts!!"


What do I know?
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