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I was the captain of several boats for a friend of mine named animal house. Then we built him the animal house 51 OL.

I was also president of my fraternity in college, so animal house had several meanings.
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I live in a town called Seaford - I am a guy.
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I like boats and I'm 22
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Good thread.

When I bought my boat things were going really well. I had the money to make the upgrades to the engines but did not want to blow the warranty. So I was Waitin On The Warranty 2 Expire.

Needless to say once the warranty expired, there was no money for upgrades.
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When I bought my 42 Sonic in 2000 I wanted to USCG doc. it so you have to name it. My dad was over and I had all the paper work out on the table and he saw I paid I think it was 184k, he looked at me and said boy talk about a Lapse of Reason. It's been the name of the last 2 and until something is more fitting I'll keep using it.
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Keytime is a term from offroad motorcycle enduro racing, to sound as proper as possible. In an enduro, you race against the clock, and the official time for an enduro is keytime.

"Key time is simply the master clock used to set all the other clocks in an enduro. You should set your watch, or whatever timekeeping device you use, to (key time - your minute number)."

I raced for a number of years and steadily moved up the ranks (hitting a plateau a time or two). I have a lot of pride in my offroad racing experience, and I felt the term summed that up really well. Plus, the intensity of racing offroad carries over well to hammering a performance boat, so I liked the fit.

My avatar pic was taken at the Leadbelt National Enduro near Park Hills, MO at a series of rock ledge dropoffs called "the waterfall". Sloppy, nasty, and getting after it, just like running in the rough.

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MP= my initials

TRIMSHOP= cuz i sew things (cars,boats, restaurant booths, heck evan did some surgical gurneys before)
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its all in the name
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Originally Posted by drypipetiger View Post
My former boat was a 42 Cig Tiger with Dry Exhaust. Loud as [email protected]$k!
Mine is pretty easy. I own a Formula 357.

Drypipetiger I used to have a video of your Cig on the computer system at my old job. The guys loved it. Every nite the guys would say the same thing "hey start the boat".
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Trying to figure mine out...

GL Harvie....
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