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Locking Drain Plug??

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Lightbulb Locking Drain Plug??

I have been screwing around with a very simple, non-mechanical drain plug design that would be economical to produce (and market), simple to install and fool-proof to use. It could be used on virtually any boat. While drain plugs are straight-forward already, years ago I had someone loosen my plug while I was paying for the boat ramp and because I had just put it in, I never rechecked it. It was so loose that it looked fine at a glance, but once we were underway, water flooded the bilge anyway. We didn't sink because we noticed the weight so we were able to get back to the trailer, but this seems like a cool little trinket to put out there. Does anyone here think I may be on to something?
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Why in the world would anyone "loosen a drain plug"... wow! ppl do some crazy, unbelievable things sometimes.... thank god you didnt sink ....unreal
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Man thats pretty cold thing to do
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Boaters LOVE the "Bling"! If you can make it cool enough looking I am sure there would be a market, as long as its reasonable to purchase.

Another idea would be to draw up a proposal and work with an existing boat manufacturer or dealer to see if they can/will use them.

Good Luck!
I Support anyone with the balls to try and do something different, and on there own.
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For me I am lift keep so I only take the plug out one time a year.

Now not to hijack your thread but I have a funny story, we have a private boat ramp for the home owners. I was out in my NT and my buddies 31 Scarab broke down so I had to tow him to my house, it was the closest ramp. 2 hours later we get to my dock go get his truck and trailer, now 4 hours gone. So we back his truck in leave it running and go down 6 houses to mine, hook back up to his boat with my 16 foot skiff to pull it to the ramp, no longer than 5 minutes and you can see my dock from the ramp.
A big thunder storm is now coming with heavy cross wind, 2/3 of the way there some Jackoff that just moved in jumps into my buddies truck and pulls it out. 3 of us are yelling at him but he parks it and backs his truck in and launches his boat.He says he needed to get in before the storm, who go's out in a storm. So we are getting blown all over I am calling him every name in the book.
My buddy then jumps into the water swims to land gets his trailer back in the water and we start to load up and get the cover on just before the rain. Jackoff comes back in a big hurry, I thought sweet now I get to fight, he is telling us to hurry up he forgot to put his plug in and is sinking.
I said beach that POS I aint moving. So we yell back and forth and he beaches it and comes running over. I looked and just said karma mother phucker and left, he had his teenage son with him so I didn't want to kick the crap out of him.

So the next weekend I am on my dock cat fishing with my kids and he keeps buzzing my dock with his boat and kids on a tube, he has a 24 footish bowrider. I give him the hand signal to move away, he shows me the finger.(there is no NO WAKE by my) so he going 30 mph right off my dock. After about 20 passes he comes so close with the tube he takes out 8 lines I had in the water. Game on I lowered the Nortech into the water to go say hi, he was having his house warming party and about 20 people on his dock. He lived on the point, I didnt even have to get close about 15-20 yards off. Trimmed it out about 90 mph huge rooster tail just a nice big sweeping turn and a bunch of wet people. That might have been the most fun I had in that boat. Anyway a few months later his wife left him and he moved and all is well.
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