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Yes C-5 has more boats, but They DO NOT Get TO USE THE TERM "US1" Which use to mean quite a bit.
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Originally Posted by TGC-32 View Post
I also like the notions of:

•One sanctioning body fed by regional clubs.

•Two classes, one V-bottom and one catamaran, at the national series and "world championship" levels and as many classes as necessary at the regional club level.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this the ORIGINAL format of the APBA back in the '80's? There was a National circuit of Superboat, Open, Modified, Pro-Stock and Stock, and also regional circuits of A,B,C and D classes, along with the smaller of the National classes. Lot's of print coverage and even some TV coverage. It all seemed to work pretty well with pretty terrific boat counts and good competition, until somebody tried to build a better mouse trap. Now we are back advocating trying to get where we were more than twenty years ago. The more things change......

Total Marine[/QUOTE]

Every time the sport gets some momentum a group of owners split off to form their own deal and ruin it, which is why I have said that there is no chance to make the sport bigger without creating a premier class that is owned and controlled by the sanctioning body. i.e. boycott and splinter proof
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