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OT: BEER kegs - Suggestions and HELP!

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Question OT: BEER kegs - Suggestions and HELP!

Hey guys and girls, I've got a question for the masses..... here is the situation.....

My friends and I are having party at a friends cottage and of course getting a few kegs. This part is all well and good., BUT... because I live in the north country (canada) and in a fairly small city its not like the local beer store stocks many at a time...There is only 1 beer store that stocks kegs .... I will be leaving for early Sunday morning for the party and since the beer store opens at 11am I wont be able to get the keg that day which means Ill have to get it Saturday. And here lies the question...... how can I keep a keg cold for say half of Saturday and Saturday night? anyone got any idea’s? how about how to keep it cold while everyone’s drinking on Sunday? Lastly, does anyone have any tips on how to run a keg? I’ve never bought on before as you can probably tell....

Thanks in advance!!! I know my OSO brothers will come through with some idea’s

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Default Re: OT: BEER kegs - Suggestions and HELP!

Originally posted by HydroScream
... because I live in the north country (canada)..........
Put it out on the porch.......

The easiest and cheapest way to keep it cold is to place it in a large garbage bag, and fill with ice. As long as you keep at least the top and bottom cold, you should be for getting the beer out, the store that has the kegs will have taps that you can rent. Just screw it into the top of the keg, pour a little out to get rid of foam, and have at it !!!!!!
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Oh dear, the horror..................
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Use a garbage can...put the keg in and pack it with ice. Shouldn't be a problem at all. Or you can ask your local store if you can leave it in their walk in.

If you let it get warm, I'll have to confiscate it from you...alchohol abuse will NOT be tolerated!
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The porch lol..... ya maybe a few months ago.... its gettin a little warmer now

good idea with the garbage bag and ice.... didnt think of that... uh... we do have a lake that is probably pretty cold.... does that give us anything to work with? I'm pretty sure the only places that sell ice around here are the gas stations and the beer store.... both sell bags for about 2 bucks each .... and the bags are only like 10lbs .... maybe! thats why I was wondering if there were other alternatives
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Garbage can sounds like a good idea . No chance of using the store's walk in.... "The Beer Store" as its called here is gov't operated...... no chances of any favors from them.....
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This is one I can help you with!!!!!

The best way is to use a garbage can and fill with ice. If you are worried about the price of ice, then I would suggest cold water with ice. The keg in the cold lake sounds like a good idea actually as long as you have it chained to the dock or shore as it will float away! When transporting and getting ready for the party, make sure that you have the keg at the party site well ahead of time...a few hours would be great! The more you move the keg around, the more foam or "head" you will get from the tap beer! The first few dozen cups will be difficult to get out as there is not much room in the keg for air to pressurize and push the beer out of the tap. Too much air and you get nothing but foam....too little air and you get nothing at all! Tapping the keg is easy and make sure you rent the tapper with the keg when you pick it up. If you find that you have pumped too much air in the keg with the tapper, there is usually a relief valve that you can pull to let some of the pressure out.....that will help with too much foam problem! Good luck with the keg and good luck with the party!!!!!!
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I don't know how much time you have or what kinds of materials available, but here's a great little kegerator that's fairly cheap and works phenominally.

I used to stock Kegs at the house all the time and would last like a week or two of casual drinking. So, I need something to keep it cool.

I found that 2"-3" of plain insulating foam(cheap at Lowe's or Home Depot) surrounding the keg with about 8-10 bags of ice would keep it cool for about 7 days.

This was in the Fl heat...You might do better. Cheap lumber and foam about 50 bucks! = years of keg enjoyment!
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Thanks alot for the info! I was thinking about using the lake also..... I think the garbage can with some ice and lake water might be the ticket

anyone else?
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Ya gotta pay the bucks for the ice! Nothing better than ice-cold draft.
I've seen alot of those plastic 55 gallon drums cut in half for a cooler, garbage cans, large flower pots. Once you find a suitable container... pack it with ice and throw a blanket over it. Keep it outside, in the garage or on the porch, and you won't get too much ice loss.
Don't play in the water!
You'll be much better off getting it a day early, beer will have time to settle, get it to where it will be consumed, or as close as possible, and get it cold.
Have fun .
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