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performance to cruiser

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We did it in 04. Traded a 99 28 P antera on a 2004 Formula 31PC. The Formula is a very nice boat and we have lots of fun on it but it is not the same. My wife finally let me get another go-fast last September, an old 28 Pantera. I guess she could not take me crying any longer and she still has her Formula.
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Default You have choices

Originally Posted by checkmate 500 View Post
HELP! I am thinking about buying a cruiser has anyone made this change I want to be talked out of it, I have only owned performance boats my last boat was a 2002 34 powerquest

Look at Hann Powerboats, Inc. We have a big center console that is fast, fuel efficient, and a powerful family boat.

If a big center console with a big cabin is not your boat, always look at Cruiser Yachts.
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I sold new and brokerage high performance boats from 1987 to 1993. We were a dealer for Cigarette, Fountain, Apache and Formula in Ft. Lauderdale.

Every once in a while a guy decided a Sea Ray cruiser or similar was the direction he wanted to go. After a short time most came back to the performance boat bored out of their minds with 34 MPH. Think this one through thoroughly, as it could get to be an expensive lesson.

The Formuls SS series and now the Fountains are the best compromise, but who wants to compromise?

Good Luck
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I went from a 35' Cigarette to a Formula 400SS with 525's thinking that since it still goes 60 mph it won't be to bad.

The formula is a great boat and is a lot more comfortable than the Cig. Does it replace it? hell no.

i would trade the Formula for a Cig in a second.
but don't get me wrong we have a great time on the Formula and if i ever got rid of it i would probably regret that also.

The best bet is to have both since they both are so good at what they are designed for.

The Formula is Kind of like having a half ton pickup. almost rides as nice as a car and can tow some things but doesn't fit the bill for ride or towing
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What about a Fountain? I went to a 47 Lightning and it's got all the cruiser stuff and still runs over 80.
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If you have big enough pockets just make the ultimate purchase - a 50 Nortech - cruiser amenities packed into a no-**** gofast.
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Or get the cruiser but make sure you have friends that still have go fasts so you can get your fix.
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Everytime I part with a boat I think the same thing, in fact just being in the cabin of a cruiser get me thinking. I mean, we launch the boat, race to the bay, climb over a sundeck and drives all day, start up at dusk and race to the bar/marina where we spend the night and do it all over again. For the short time we actually run the boat you would think the crusier makes sense right......right???

I will tell you what will get you-

That race to back to the bar/launch
When you hear any thu-hull fire up, even a single
riding in a poker run instead of driving, and driving your station wagon home after the poker run
Missing sun deck

Cops won't bother you
Shower, heat and a/c found in most, but only elite large go-fasts
Wax once a year and leave it in the water, no one is going to bust on you for a water line

Also check out Sonic boats, if you can afford a 35 or 38 they are pretty damn close to cruisers downstairs, but still fast.

IMO......don't do it until you can have both. I feel lucky, the wifey wants nothing to do with a cruiser
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If you are still looking, I know where you can get a GREAT deal on a 04 Formula 41PC, loaded, fresh water.
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don't do it!!!!!!!! went to a formula ss. more room, more amenities, less noise, and cheaper fuel bills. bottom line is i have been looking for my testicles ever since. i want to get a bumper-style sticker for the transom that reads my other boat is a velocity.
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