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500 EFI questions...

Old 01-29-2011, 05:56 PM
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Question 500 EFI questions...

Im looking at a couple of different boats with 500 efi's that have around 380 hours on them. I just dont know much about the reliability of them.

How many hours typically can you see out of them before needing to freshin up the top end?

Any reoccuring issues with them?

Would 380hrs scare anyone away when buying a boat with 500's?

Thanks in advance for the input or personal experiences!
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You're going to hear varying replies from various people... but I think the general consensus is that valve springs on 500 EFIs are to be placed around the 300 hour mark. Some do them sooner (I did mine this winter @ 250), and some people I know have 450-500 hours on 500EFIs and never touched a bolt on them. All in all I think most people have great success with these motors, and for the nominal amount of money it costs to do a fresh set of valve springs I think it's very cheap insurance.

If the motor has good oil pressure and leaks down well, I wouldn't be scared of it one bit. I'd plan on doing valve springs immediately, and I'm sure it'll need a rebuild in the near future, but as is often the case with these motors/this hobby, it all depends on how the motors/boat were treated before you got it.

Good luck... enjoy.
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YES, 380hrs is alot for any engine.... Its up too you,, its just like buying a car... Normally you get what you pay for... so youll either spend less and get something with 380hrs, and spend more money fixing it, or you can spend more money on something newer and more reliable and spend less time/money repairing it... All engines, just like cars, get tired and weardown they older they get... GOOD LUCK!!!
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This boat went over 660 hours on the 500's for the first owner without any major failures. Boat was run hard, salt water only :

Note: new/current owner appears to have spent big money putting it back together.
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Thanks for the input. Can you get the valve covers off to do the valve springs with out removing the headers?
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Anything over 350hrs and would plan on doing complete top end refreshes with new head gaskets, valve job, and springs.

Yes, you can get the valve covers off without removing the headers. Just use a 1/4 inch drive socket wth long extenssion and a wobble.
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Doing leakdown on 2 of them at 350 hours and they had 20-30 percent in a couple of cylinders. Freshened up the heads with new lifters and springs and they are good to go. The bottom end is stout and has nice fit and finish work, you can probably go 750 hours or more on the bottom end.
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We're freshening up a pair in a friends TS TG that
has just under 400 hours and the only thing that looked
iffy was that the head gaskets were starting to go away
inbetween cylinders.

Didnt get into the heads since they are being upgraded.

Didnt notice any broken valve springs.
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Very dependable engines, make sure you have a surveyor check them out and if they're good, go for it. I bought my boat at around 425 hours on it. I ran the boat all season then replaced the valve springs etc. no problems.
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I did my top ends at 200hrs , not that I needed to just wanted to for piece of mind . I run mine prob harder than anyone on this site , zero issues . I know a guy with over 500 hrs on his and has not done a thing to them.
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