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HP500 EFI Circulating Pump Eliminator Kit

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Default HP500 EFI Circulating Pump Eliminator Kit

Need some feed back, I am rebuilding my HP500 EFI for the Donzi, and as we assemble parts and make our shopping list for new and improved components.

The discussion turned toward adding one of these, whats been the feedback on these? And what type of stainless T-Stat Housing did you use to go with this set up?

I am looking at Part Number 625-4454 on CP's site.

Just curious what everyones experience has been?

Thanks In Advance

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I think its a cool piece. what if you lose an impeller, at least the water pump will move some water. and 599 is a big chunk o money. be interesting to see how well they work.

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I saw a different version on this boat and was a little curious about who made them and how they worked.
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Eliminating the recirc pump is fine for gaining some more free hp. The raw water impeller pump will be enough to cool that application on its own without it.

What you will want to watch is the water outlet or thermostat outlet. You will want to replace the outlet accordingly. The OE merc one wont be compatible with a crossover.

When eliminating the recirc pump I usually eliminate the thermostat all together & run without it, or I run a restrictor in place of it to build a little heat.

The other option is an outlet with a thermostat and bypass. You would want to watch the flow as some can build too much pressure and some can still run hot if they dump too much cold water on top of the thermostat. When that happens it wont let it open.

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