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Originally Posted by fishinrod
Im a new member and trying to learn about cats, no experience with them but they look awesome. I just was reading up on the 31 American offshore about porpusing. they even have a review on there website from powerboat magazine. Is this something that all cats do? I know most of the big ones have tunnel tabs, is this how this problem is generally fixed. I just dont want a cat if its gonna do this everytime in flat water. Thanks for any advice.
Go to their owners forum and talk to those guys. I have ridden in one with 675s and Bravos. It didn't porpoise but we were in 2-3s on Grand Lake Ok. Most cat owners that have the problem just drive through it as quick as they can. Hell I've seen huge Nor-Tech cats loping along at certain speeds and water conditions.

I wouldn't let a little porpoise keep me from getting a cat, and the AO3100 is a great entry-level cat to start with. Very quick to plane and high freeboard which is very family-friendly. It was designed to race offshore so the hull will not do anything crazy.

The immediate issue will be insurance. The fact you've never owned a cat means you'll pay top dollar. Talk to Sy Goldberg at Total Dollar and Stacey at WakeZone insurance, they will be glad to help you.
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Originally Posted by ElimiNordic

This a post he sent me when I asked the same thing. It pretty much says it all

Hi and thanku... i dont own my own boat... my parents live in LHC and own an Elim in so. cali,,.. I am not in the income bracket to get myself in debt with a boat right now..mayb someday... My im a huge powerboat/catamaran lover and study up on alot on whats out there new/used online and in articles.... so i enjoy sharing my questions/thoughts/views about diff makes/models out there..... I get alot of neg replys, but its funny,,, its just OSO talk.

Did u buy the 36 w/ 700s, nxts? I recently saw it forsale?
how bout a pic?

He is a young boy who dreams of someday being one of the many heros he has here on OSO. I like him and think he has a place here, just not as resident expert on all things asked.
First when I saw his post to mine in the NT thread I didn't bother to respond because it didnt seem to me that he read what I wrote, Now that I know he's a kid I understand. As long as he doesn't try and sell a Rolex on here he will learn alot and make some friends.
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