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Last ones....
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Originally Posted by nebraskabaja View Post
Last ones....
All this goes along with what some people have told me about this company and the owner. This is why I do not borrow anything. I would feel obligated to fix all this and make it better than when I borrowed. Even if he steps up and repairs the damage, it speaks legends about his character that he would not want to step up and repair. I would never want to do business with this company!
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Originally Posted by nebraskabaja View Post
All of the custom PBB decals were removed from the trailer to add the "involved parties logos".

One Dexter torque axle

2 Semi trailer tires

3 Alcoa Wheels resurfaced

Fenders and skirts need re-painted and pin stripped

New Brake lines

Several broken welds from hitting every curb from MO to FL

The trailer was high centered and there are structural cracks on each side

"involved party" completly removed all of the tilt bunks and altered them to fit his boat, they will have to be remade to fit MES 2 MTI's and Speedy.

Storage compartments had hinges and locks drilled into place.

Alot of paint work needs to be done........
Thats F'd up! I'd oust the guy, (kinda already is) and make sure everyone knows that he's a dipchit.

You don't borrow something, screw it up, return it a month later then promised, and then give a "thanks". Where I come from, the guy would be walkin with a limp.
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What's interesting, and I havn't seen it brought up yet, is with all the damage to this trailer, how many claims of "hit and run" and potential damage liability might be floating out there. This guy had to hit something here and there... Maybe having the FB decals on it was a good thing. I would hate to be Wild and start getting calls because someone jotted down a tag number...etc.
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I have a buddy that has an impound yard in Del. I've seen stuff that was stolen that didn't have that much damage. How in the hell did they structural break the trailer and how can they own a boat like that and not have a trailer for it?
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The one thing, I passed him here in MO driving up HWY 67 towards HWY 55 around the time he would have been picking it up, I was wondering why their Freightliner sportclass was doing in MO with nothing in tow, if they did hit something it was obvious who's truck it was.
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Wow... Yet another reason why you can't lend anyone your stuff. Sucks to hear that the guy won't own up to the damage he caused.
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Wow.... note to self, never deal with
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Wow. Wild was being pretty polite on his first post, not even coming close to disclosing all of the actual damage. Even after getting taken advantage of, he still attempted to handle it without bringing out the "A" team (or the OSO team I guess).

My son and I visited the Fastboats showroom in Florida in January. I could tell that it was a shrine to the owner right away, and he would not have alot of time for a couple of lowly guys from Iowa. I learned early and I have learned often to watch out for those with the most flash.

Good luck with the resolve of this. I think that there are some guys on here that are all wound up right now from watching Cocaine Cowboys and maybe they would go on a little recon mission!
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The rust in the cracks...

Was the trailer was damaged on the way to FL, cracking the frame, and then launched in salt water, to see the rust like that? Or were those pics taken some time after trailer was returned, allowing enough time for even rain water to allow it to rust as shown.

Has this trailer ever been dunked in salt previous to the loaning?
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