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Old 06-06-2002, 05:20 PM
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My over-60 Mom went full-throttle with me in my Donzi. Not often, but as long as the ride was pretty smooth, she didn't complain. Hasn't been on the Fountain yet, but I'm betting on more speed and fewer complaints. All she wants is a real seat. (That L-shaped bench seat in the little Donzis isn't very comfortable for passengers.)
I just hope that when I'm over 50, I'm laying the throttles down on something that runs the other side of 100! Amenities? This gal don't need no stinking amenities!
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Old 06-06-2002, 07:19 PM
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My wife's 53 and imposed a 10 second rule (while she's in the boat). Wide open for no more than 10 seconds. I can cruise 45-50 all complaints.
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And I thought I was the only one with a weird Cruisers-it'll do 55 light too.
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Wife turned 50 last year, likes going out in the Cat, but gets pissed when Iam over 90, as she says she can't breathe. Loves to cruise at 50, and just lay on the hatch cushion and get sunned. I guess i can't complain, she isn't pushing for a Sea Ray yet.
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There is a simple solution. Just buy another boat. One for you and one for you and her. Now my wife just needs to be broken in on what boating is all about. Shes alittle too up tight around them. She didn't grow up with them the way I did. Makes thing kinda tough. I keep telling her the bigger the boat the better. But she hasnt caught on to that yet. Maybe this year.
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In my humble opinion, this is not age related. There are a lot of women over 50 and more that enjoy Hot Boats. And a lot under 50 that hate fast boats. But, you have to be the judge: wife or boat. Or boat without wife.
I'm lucky, my wife enjoys our boat.
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At least you made it to 50!! My wife is already talking about something with A/C and she is only 27!!!

Actually I agree since we have a little girl due in November I think the only way for me to get on the water will be to have A/C for the Kids!! A couple of friends of mine have Gen. and A/C and they cove out with all of us all the time!! They have two small kids that they let swim until they get tired then it's into the Cabin to watch a tape and take a nap!! Works Awsome!!

Actually I was thinking along the lines of a 38 Special Baja, that way I could still tow it to other lakes if I wanted to!! Great Now everyone is going to be looking at them and drive the price up! Oh well, I'm still a couple of years away from a boat change!!
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Old 06-06-2002, 11:54 PM
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I have a chris cat with blown 461s alu heads after the first ride. My 44 yr old wife took she got out of the boat with a hug and a kiss and a big thank you it halls ass now.She loves it when you hit the boost time to play always some one to play with at LOTO !!
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WOW---Fstboater sounds like he(with his wife) is about the only exception to what most of what these other guys are saying with their wives. I think Fstboater is a blessed man to have found a wife like that. About 99% of the rest of you guys seem to have troubles with your wives not liking the muscle boats---sounds like I'm going to have to pray for one like Fstboater has---either that or I think I'll just stay single.

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My wife loves the power, the sounds the grunt, the looks you get at the dock when your cam is bouncing off of all angles and you could wake the dead.
She HATES it that Im spending money on this but hey, oh well
When I go racing my car, she stands at the burnout box, gets covered with rubber, loves the smell of Nitro Meth and ethanol and all that weird stuff these guys are pumpin intheir cars.
The louder the better to her
BUT if it does not have an enclosed head, NO WAY, she wont sleep out on it, She hates the baja for that one reason
No enclosed head.

Like I have said before, she wanted a 358 sonic with the plasma TV, AC, Generator, DVD player, you name it, But that boat was 200 or so thou complared to my 17 thousand dollar 1990 baja,
Little disruption in the bank account,
Ill get the sonic next most likely
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