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Turning a stepped bottom boat

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I revised my original post a bit while you were responding
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Been there done that. The difference with taking a car to the limit, (I've raced Porsches and Lotus Turbo Esprits) is that when you spin it intentionally, you most probably have the room for it to spin....and it spins on a straight plane....your only danger is running out of space and hitting something. In water you have virtually no control over the plane that will affect the spin....the hydrodynamics of water are not capable of control, there is a very fine line between the point you simply lose adhesion to the surface and the point where part of the hull, drive or hardware breaks into the water plane and forces the attitude of the boat over the center of balance and the boat rolls......much of this will be determined at the very instant the various forces act on the boat which will determine the outcome.........unfortunately, you can run the experiment 10 times while you contol the speed, the rate of turn, the angle of attack, the angle of the tabs and the angle of the drives....and you will have 10 different results because of the hydrodynamic factors that will come together at the instant you lose adhesion to the water.........only at that instant will fate be determined.............

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Originally Posted by Keytime View Post
Take a driving class.
X2 ...... The outcome of an improper action could be fatal.
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Originally Posted by JMS322 View Post
X2 ...... The outcome of an improper action could be fatal.
Don't get me wrong, this is what i want to avoid. Just want to enjoy the boat. Get the "perfect set" or "carve" in the turn! Without a mishap. Thx guys, any tips on driving, I'm listening!
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Take a performance/racing class !!! dont intentionaly try and spin out, I have a friend that barrel rolled a stepped boat here on the chain a few years ago, was bad, every one survived but boat was trashed, Ive pushed boats to the limits , but would never want to try and spin a boat out unless it was a ski boat,which i used to do as a kid
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I agree with everyone on here When I spun out it was by accident but rather than trying different trim settings,etc I now choose to just slow down.
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Originally Posted by pitts1313 View Post
I want to push mine to see where it spins. Was it violent and did you stay in the boat when it happened?
Why would you want to put the boat into an uncontrolled spin ? Call Tre and take his class, dont hurt yourself.
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Based on my own experience with my Ex- twin step Gladiator, I found that if I keep the nose of the boat up and trim the drives just a bit. the boat tends to turn alot more efficiently and has better response after the turn...This is of course, from Me...I am not a racer of any kind, just a pleasure boater..

But like others have said...TAKE A TRES COURSE...

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Why in the world would you want to turn going excessive speeds. This is to anyone. Usually you just see who is faster running in a straight line , Its not like you would run against someone thru a small channel. I know i have no desire to turn sharply at excessive speeds, meaning like a sharp 180 degree turn at 70 mph.
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As for some of you that have supported our course, Thanks a bunch! Others not so educated giving advise to others how to drive is just wrong. step bottom boats have several game changers for turning, there is no carving a turn. Step bottom vees are not known for speed turning vessels. too many things go against turning a Vee hull, High PSI and low PSI areas take big affects on prop thrust,Stepped hull have a problem mantaining AXIS. and there is more to it than that. If you want to know more, just go to the course. Dont learn by accident.
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