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The crash made OLN


Old 05-25-2002, 04:51 PM
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Default The crash made OLN

JP's debut crash made it to the tape on OLN
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Old 05-25-2002, 10:42 PM
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Went away on business and came back just in time to watch the show. I noticed that Jason wasn't here in Ft. Myers racing last week does that mean he's done? I thought I would post some of the more memorable quotes that had me on the floor laughing from the show today:

Anthony Ray, "Carbonell said I don't need any racing experience to drive a Superboat he said I've got Bobby Moore and that's all I need".

Art Lilly, " Actually I can't wait to see the video tape I don't know what happened we saw the boat coming and I think he (Priestly) forgot to make a turn".

Jason Priestly, " Well thats what happens when you have three boats all trying to take the same lane. We just got chopped off, we got chopped off, we got chopped off".

Dan Cambell, " That was tremendous driving Jason did to avoid hitting the cockpit on that boat. He (Priestly) showed great skill today".

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Old 05-26-2002, 09:44 AM
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The best "quotes" were from the on board camera of another boat (maybe Jaws).

"Holy Sh..." "Where the F... was he going..." "What the F... was he thinking..."

I love the unedited version.
Thankfully no one was injured!
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Old 05-26-2002, 06:47 PM
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I have to agree with Geoghegan on this one. I watched the tape with him and everyone there that viewed it said the same thing. He never turned!!!!!! He just blasted into the turn reallt HOTT and slammed into the side of Lilly and Woods. THANK GOD!!!!, it was not a few more inches forward or the damages would have or could have been alot worse. Yes this was a rookie error by far but remember there are two people in that cockpit. Jason's hands weren't on the throttles nd the throttleman is just as countable as Jay is. No reason at all for a hard charge like that in a turn. The boat oviously carries alot of speed so why not make it up in the straight away. Hopefully Jay will be back and once again THANK GOD NO ONE WAS INJURED!!!!!!
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Old 05-28-2002, 09:23 AM
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Well guys Im just gonna add my two cents here Take it for what its worth Just my opinion and nothing more. After watching the race on OLN I think I would be inclined to say that thats definatly not how you would want to end your debut run.
However I think I might have to Partialy take jasons side on this one. I do believe they as a team went into the turn too hot, for which I commend Jason for not making the turn. To have tried that turn could have created a disaster with much greater consequences than what occured. I do lay the brunt of the fault on his throttle man for running him into the turn so Hot , with a rookie to offshore racing at the wheel. I think if he had tried for that turn he would have wiped out about 3 boats during the spinout\barrel roll that would have occured.
I also cautiously(for split second desicions are always hard) lay some or the fault on the other boats, the lamborghini powered hull for cutting across his bow, and everyone else for continuing into the turn . It appeared to me even though he may not have had the lead he was running the inside lane when the lamborghini powered boat not knowing came in on them to make the turn.
In any event this is just my 2 cents as I see it, I think theres not doubt that it is just what it is a racing accident which comes with the program when you sign up. Thankfully everyone involved is ok to race another day.

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Old 05-28-2002, 10:16 AM
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Damn, I missed it!!

Did anyone tape it? I'd love to get a copy.
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Old 05-28-2002, 10:58 AM
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qst-I'd have to disagree with you. From the on board camera's, most boats didn't see him until after he cut in front of them. Even if they had see him, there would have no time to react.

My thought was that they forgot the corner and drove right past it. You could see that the boat was just barely starting to skid before hitting the other boat. I'm thinking that they realized that they were in trouble and were trying to turn, but the boat wasn't set up for the turn. As to why the stayed in the throttle...? Instead of complementing yourself, why not just come out and admit that you f**ked up?
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Well I have to say two things 1) The Freeze Frame version of the accident was 10 times better than the edited OLN version. 2) I would recommend that everyone buy a copy from Jeff at Freeze Frame as it is the best conversation piece I have ever come across. I, like most everyone had a Barbeque at my condo on the beach for Memorial Day and decided not to break out the tape that I got from Jeff on Friday until everyone was ready for desert. What a mistake, I couldn't get my freakin guests out of the condo for 3 hrs. I think I need a new VCR from rewinding the damn thing so many times. Even the girls who weren't interested in our macho boat racing video came in and couldn't get enough of the accident. All the sounding on these boards the last month or so doesn't do any justice to what the tape shows. TRULY UNBELIEVEABLE. The tape not only gives a much better wider angle to the accident but has the inside cockpit footage and AUDIO as to what JAWS was seeing and THINKING when the accident occured. For the record QIST I don't think you can blame anyone for that accident other than the driver and T-man for the Jag. Remember everyone was expecting everyone else to hold their lanes. In the Freeze Frame video, the T-man for Jaws makes a special point of telling his driver that Campbell was coming up on his inside and that he needed to hold his lane, now Reviera was on the opposite (starboard) side of jaws and had he cut off anyone it would have had to have been Jaws. I think what we saw was that everyone approached then started their turns in their lanes, everyone that is except for Campbell who ran through everyones lanes and actually started to veer towards the outside before blindly slamming into Pier 57. That is what I saw on the video and I know I was wearing my glasses. I don't believe that Jason showed any skill much less GREAT SKILL like Campbell said in his OLN interview. Both these yoyo's didn't know what they were going to hit until after they had already hit it. Again, everyone spend the money, get the tape and forget about hiring entertainment for your next party, just make sure you have a back up VCR because you're going to need one.
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Old 05-28-2002, 05:06 PM
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Or get the DVD
Put your best foot forward!
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