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WHAT boat started it all for you?

Old 05-06-2011, 12:33 AM
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My Boats: 05 Hallett 270S
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1969 Bob Warren 24 Hurricane daycruiser w / 475 HP Race-aero 427 / L88
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Donzi sweet 16
Funny that I never bought one but that made me want a performance boat.
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16 foot Checkmate
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My Boats: Formula 37SS, 28 Skater 300x's 2400 Bay Ranger, 20' Cigarette, 18' Charger
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1975 Bonanza Tri-Hull with a 302 Ford (188hp), in about 1979. It was actually my folks boat, so I guess I can blame it on them.
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Grew up on 13' whaler and a V20 Wellcraft.

Truthfully it was kind of this website that drove me to my CIG. I was researching boats thinking of buying a small cruiser type boat (25 Sea Ray or so) and found this site - started rummaging around and realized I needed a Go-Fast. After weeks/months of searching the classifieds I realized what I wanted. Bought the CIG and am hooked.
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1983, a guy up the street from me bought a new 30 Sutphen Ocean Pacer. It was the baddest thing in town.

Up here in the northeast, Sutphens ruled. There were very few Cigarettes in these parts. It was early 90's before I actually saw a Cigarette where I grew up.
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Damn!! was was a 8 foot hydroplane built from plans out of mechanics illastrated. You could build it with 2 4X8 sheets of plywood, had a 5 hours wizard on it I thought it flew.That was 1960!!
Since then have had 22 more boats,and still have a few.I'm 64 now and still looking for my first boat. The bug gets you!!!! JOHN SR
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My Boats: 1979 Formula 302, 99 Formula 353, 81 Donzi 18 2+3 with 454
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17 foot hydrostream with a 225 merc on it. Really learned how to drive with those boats!
Put your best foot forward!
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Location: long island ny
My Boats: 26 scarab cc
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1978 Sears 12' Gamefisher With A Ted Williams 7.7 Hp
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My Boats: CIGARETTE 39 GTS trip 350s. 2015 Hypersonic 1100QC4V. Sold
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1986 21 ft Checkmate Enticer.260 hp 350 with an Alpha.My old boss bought it brand new,I got to buff and wax it every Friday,then watch him pull away.Clean it Monday morning,and listen to what a great weekend he had.What a dick! I bought it around 91,beat the livin' chit out off it.Ran in the ocean every weekend,weather and conditions never mattered.My buddies accepted the fact that stuffing a boat was normal.Great time for sure.
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