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fountain 33' executioner convert to outboards? >

fountain 33' executioner convert to outboards?

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fountain 33' executioner convert to outboards?


Old 06-12-2011, 02:37 PM
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Default fountain 33' executioner convert to outboards?

I recently bought a fountain 33 executioner without power and want to convert it to outboards. I have 2 225 johonson loopers and a d and d marine aluminum bracket. Does anyone have any picturs of how i need to brace up the transome? I have done quite a bit of glass work so it wont be a problem to done once i figure out how to do it.

Do i need more motors than 2 225s? or do i need 3 or 4?
thanks in advance for the help.

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I think that will work nicely as long as you don't plan on getting on plane. A 33 flatbottom executioner has got to weigh close to 9k dry.

ON another note that is really going to change the weight distribution of that boat - you are going from having 22-2500 pounds in the back of the boat to having 8-900. Just thinking out loud here, but I would imagine that woudl create a LOT more wetted surface when on plane, further slowing you down.

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that boat is to big for those small motor's . maybe some 350 hp outboard's or the new 557 hp's
don't do it
you would be better off throwing some 496 ho motor's in there at least they will have the TQ you need to get it on plane
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Sounds like a big job that may not even work out.

Why mess with the orginal design??

even with modest bbc power you will be happy if you are looking to use those old outboards. If the hull is in good shape why mess with it??
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you could prop it down (17-19p props) enough for it to work (tons of 32-36ft boats and center consoles with twin outboards in South Florida)
but your top speed would be in the low to mid 40s .,
I think the 32 Fountain sportfish runs high 40s low 50s with twin 225 and
to run better you would really need 3 to 4 outboards which would cost you more than just repowering it with big blocks and drives.

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Is there a similar Fountain CC of the same vintage that you could compare what you need for bracing, # outboards, etc? Even a newer CC with roughly the same bottom, length, weight would be a good place to start on understanding speed vs power. That should get you in the ballpark.
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Hey, more power to you! ( figuratively not literally ) can prob build a cool boat on the cheap.... but it'll definitely be all bark no bite! Good luck
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I'm a big fan of outboard engines, and I have to say don't do it. You will be way better off with some mild big block chevrolet engines like that hull was designed for. Did this boat have TRS drives on it? Looks like it had Arnesons, but I could be wrong. If you really want to put those outboards on a hull, trade this hull for a center console type that came from the factory with outboards. I think you will be happier in the long run.
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PM Austin here on OSO.

He is a member from Bahamas, there is one of that hull with outboards on it there. He can probably get you some info on it.
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I am pretty sure Fountain offered it in an outboard version way back when. So you won't be the first, however it is an old heavy boat and I think 2 225 is a little on the low side. PS was that boat set up for surface drives?
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