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Thanks Mike at Doller Offshore Marine

Old 06-01-2002, 05:39 PM
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Thumbs up Thanks Mike at Doller Offshore Marine

I just wanted to say thanks to Mike in parts at Doller Offshore Marine for helping me out with my bravo 1 and explaining how to fix it. It's nice to deal with a business who cares and treats customers the way they should be treated and not like you are bothering them by calling. I will give all my business to them from now on.
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Default Thats nice Ike

You've just complimented the biggest schmuck in the perf parts market. Call Mark at Bam before you deal with MIKE again. And you paid full pop. Bam knocks pff a few points. Mike nailed me and others. Hey, Mike., Save it!! Dip****
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Old 06-01-2002, 11:24 PM
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I bought $1500.00 worth of guages from Mike last yr and 2 of them were used ones. I called and asked him to send me new ones and he told me to send the used ones back 1st then he would replace them. I told him I was using the the boat and needed them till I had the new ones. Well I was busy at work and using the boat in my spare time and was not able to remove the guages and wait to get the ones that I had originally ordered, so now I paid the price for new guages and stuck with used. You would think he would have shipped replacements right away but I guess the guage market is so hot that poeple are trying to scam suppliers out of a couple of guages.
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Old 06-02-2002, 01:12 AM
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I have to say I've been dealing with Mike for a long time and he's always be fair with me. I had an issue with a drive purchased from him last year and he and Mac took care of everything professionally and quickly, plus made it worth my while. I've also used Marc at BAM and he's been excellent.
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I've never dealt with Dollar Marine so I can't speak from experience there, but I have spoken with Marc at "BAM" a few months ago about buying some drive gears (1.36?) and he told me the PROS/CONS and that I may not get the performance out of them that I may have been hoping for---He could have easily sold me the gears, but was being straight up with me---I thought that was cool and he will definately get my consideration for any future purchases.
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Old 06-02-2002, 03:43 AM
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I purchased two x drives form Mike over the winter. He had the best price. The drives were well packed and shipped the next day. Mike has also gone out of his way to find answers to engine questions for me. Thank you Mike.

I haven't dealt with Marc at Bam. I know people that have and were very pleased. He was originally form Chicago. I tried to purchase my drives form him first but he was a little high on price but in line with others I priced.

I think you need to price shop on the bigger ticket items. For smaller parts figure 20% to 25% off of list. Also make sure you don't get nailed on shipping. This board has been great for the consumer as well as the dealers. The good dealers should pick up a lot of business due to the board. Bad dealers will be going out of business.

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Old 06-02-2002, 02:18 PM
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Just wanted to Thank:
For the support and the business!

Just a comment for DanL(Mr. Lanza), Sir please remember that you can be held accountable for your slanderous postings. I am sorry that you did not have a positive experiance doing business with myself or the company I work for. It would be in your best interest to modify your post.

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Old 06-02-2002, 03:39 PM
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Hey Candyman35, sorry we lost your sale, but thanks for the good feedback. The prices on the X drives have been all over the place, depending on availablility. Our current price is $6500 for an XR. Actually, we can (and do) give a better discount on the bigger items. Small $$ parts cost as much to physically handle as the more expensive items, and of course the proifit is less per item so the discounts we offer are smaller.

Not sure if this is the perfect place, but it never hurts to thank everyone for the support, not meaning to do so at Mike's expense.
It's alive - additional 10% discount for OSO members
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I don't have a problem sharing my spotlight with you. Just remember it's a two way street. So if and when I borrow a
little of yours don't be offended. Becaues you just gave me the right to do so.
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I just wish there was somthing expensive I needed right now so you two could bid for my sale
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