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Hard Top Convertible?


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Default Hard Top Convertible?

I've wondered for a while why no one, that I know of, has done an open bow with a replaceable deck? We have a 25 Rage Open Bow that we really need for when all the kids are with us. I have a bow cover for towing and it's great for when the kids aren't with us. Obviously there would be the storage issue when it wasn't in use. I can't be the first person to wonder about this. Enlighten me please. I'd love to have a 27' Eliminator Open Bow with this feature!
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Actually Eliminator Boats already has this as an option, at least on the 30 Daytona...
An issue in powerboat mag several years ago covered this topic... It was the OSO eyewear 30 Daytona boat.I believe it was the Sport Cat or boat of the year, a few years back... It had the openbow/replacement deck your asking about... The boat could be used as an openbow, and also the deck piece can be placed back in for the closed bow look.....

Boat was Orange/Red/Yellow and had Ilmor Power/IMCO drives, says OSO eyewear if you wanna look it up.....

I've seen one other 30 Daytona w/ the closed/open bow option in Havasu since then....the guy told me you just have to be very careful putting and taking out the deck piece, its heavy, takes 2 ppl.......

Not sure how many they've done on the 30, or if other models have been completed, or if any other builders have done this...
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