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Originally Posted by PokerRun388
In my opinion, just get what works for you. I'm sure there are several local sporting good's stores that make a vest for you, at a reasonable price. If your just using it to float, ski, and just casual boating, I'm sure those will work just fine....

If I was an extreme boater, taking part in Poker Run's throughout the country, then ya, I'd probably invest alot more money in a vest, and go with the best , Lifeline.

Just my .02
Not sure what you call extreme boating but I would guess if you ask the Police, Coast Guard or any recreational boater anything over 70mph is extreme. Have you ever fallen off a jet ski at 60mph + my guess is not. Why play with your life. If you want to take the time to wear a life jacket to go fast wear one that is proven. We all spend ten times that on things that do nothing but add speed. Just part of the package.
Just my .02
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I have 6 of the mustang mv-5600 search and rescue vests. These are impact rated at 100mph (not rated to help you survive the impact) and are very comfortable. They are similar to the mv4600, however the mv4600 is not coast guard approved (only approved by the Canadian Coast Guard) like the mv5600. I bought mine from because everybody else marketed them as in stock (Machovec) and after you buy them send you some BS with several week lead time. You can check my thread "StillCrazy Velocity...Resurrected" for pictures of the jackets.
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Originally Posted by StillCrazy J&M
They are similar to the mv4600, however the mv4600 is not coast guard approved (only approved by the Canadian Coast Guard) like the mv5600.
FALSE. I have a 4600 and a 5600 and they both say US CG approved. (Thanks for making me climb under my sweltering boat cover to verify)

Every life vest thread on OSO goes the same way. Here's my .02

1. ANY vest is only good if you wear it. I personally don't see people wearing jackets often.

2. I don't doubt that Lifelines are great but many people have died while wearing them. And in a lot of cases they were wearing the race version, not the PR jackets. It just depends on the circustances. Just like a car wreck, sometimes people walk away and sometimes they don't.

3. I'm betting that even the guys with REAL expensive boats do not have a collection of lifelines fo all passengers aboard their boat.

4. I don't think for 1 second that the 100 MPH rating is any kind of guarantee. You fly out of a boat going 50+ MPH, you're likely to get injured.

5. CG and commercial wokers use them, that says something.
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