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Nyc Poker Run!!!!


Old 06-03-2002, 08:17 PM
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It was great talking with you. Got a chance to see your boat at the docks, nice, very nice. I am happy she ran like a champ. I will be working on the wife for the NYC run. Not real sure if I will be able to run, run because if I go I will have my 7 year old son with me, but at least I can get out on the water, I HOPE.
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Oz, still in the office??? How was the trip back? We made the run back from NJ to Jones Inlet in the Top Gun and it was Nasty at around 3:30pm
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Default Coming Up

Yes we are planning to leave early Saturday morning with Ken S, We will be riding up side by side, Hot Boat bring two of the flags for the front if you have any left. I will buy them.
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I bummed this is the same date as the LG dustoff, leaving my neck of the wood heading north about the same time you're heading south, so we'll pass on the thruway some where, look for a green van pulling a red donzi and I'll look for a cat heading south, you guys enjoy yourselves, be safe, and post some pics

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This will be the sixth year in a row.....the best parties and boaters..going straight from Cape Cod races...see ya there....Barkley
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Oz man,
Glad you had fun. Let's plan on meetingup sometime Friday afternoon.

Frank C.,
C-you at the raft up buddy!

Matty Boy,
I'll wave as we pass on the Thruway! Enjoy the lake. When you are there and if you meet a guy named Doug Smith, or even ask Ed Hodgkinson to show you my place. I am right by him.

See you there!

See you at the raft up.

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I need a few e-mail addresses;


Send me your e-mail addresses so I can get you on the distribution list for the raft up info.
Chris aka: Tantrum
[email protected]
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I'll be there, though I don't know who I'm riding with yet. Seems I might have to leave the girlfriend behind or put her on Jen's whatever cruiser and go for a fast ride alone (not that I'm complaining....).

See you all there.

Shane, call me and let me know when you'll be down.
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Hey TDan,

Try to come down somehow, bring the family!!!


How are you? I heard you guys had it rough out there...The wind was blowing BIG TIME. we left AC atnoon on the inside with some of the boys from Jersey. I had my trailer in Long Beach Island. We did get caught in that brush fire in the GSP. They made everyone turn around. Left from exit 63 at 5:00Pm arrived home in Long Island at 2:30 AM. That ride back kicked my a*s. Anyway, are you doing NY? Let me know, maybe we can run in together...


I'll try to be in the city by 12ish. stay in touch


WAZZUP? Would bevery cool if we could do some hanging (and drinking) if you come down to the Poker Run. Let me know

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I just put my info on another post but here it goes again.
If anyone wants to stop by for a few cold ones, we will be at Liberty Landing Fri night on my 42' Post "Post Time". Many drinks will be flowing & then on Sat, we will be up near the Tappan Zee.
If anyone wants to make a $ or two, I need to have my 38 Cigarette towed from Ocean Performance to Liberty Landing so it can sit in the parking lot with for sale signs on it.
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Quick Reply: Nyc Poker Run!!!!

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