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Any truth to this??

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I use to brag at parties that my Velocity has been to 95 before, on the trailer of course goin north on 95 in Fla.
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Originally Posted by GPM View Post
Might see it if he can run around 9500 rpm with 1.35 gears.
Hey, haven't you heard about the magical negative slip number???
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Man guys like this make me want to punch babies... Seriously on a perfect day, he might snag 65.. he is full of it.. run him down with your boat.. A 3x scarab is a big hog...

John jr
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Ya I will b looking for him on the water for sure Maybe he's just got a crazy speed meeter lol
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New Math?

I know they are teaching this new math in school over the last few years but I"m kinda sure this guy flunked math. Or maybe he meant 147 mph divided by 2 (2 engines) = 73.5 mph! Geez, I can still divide!

Wow, I guess we're gettin desperate for thread topics?

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
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Originally Posted by pokey27 View Post
LOL i didn't think so we will get together one of these days and see just what he can do . And no the snow finally left had a great 4th burned lots of gas loved it.
your 27 with 650hp should blow him away, with a step hull he might hit 78 to 80. if its a older non step 74 would be more like it.
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Originally Posted by pokey27 View Post
A guy was telling me that his 37ft scarab twin 454 940 total hp 23 pich prop will run 147 mph what do you think top speed will be close to
In sales that is called "mere puffing" (slight exageration), but in this case that seller has puffed way too much laced weed, PCP, or whatever mind altering drug that could be ingested to make that claim, and the seller is definitely hallucinating with that claim. With the insults dispensed, as said before, that would run in the 60 mph to 65 mph range.
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Was he from Canada.... maybe 147 KPH? 147 = 91.35 MPH..... Maybe bad stock speedo? Or maybe thats his engine temp??
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Originally Posted by blue thunder View Post
My guess is 65mph wth all moons aligned

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heres how to do it......... tripple out drives, siamese 3 of those 454's in line, So tripple sets of 3 motors siamesedequals 9 454's, now get a skilled 12 yrar old that weighs sitting on a lawnchair on the bow to pilot it......

of course having Reggie add a carbon fiber beak to it couldnt hurt either....
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