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Safety Question. Strapped In or Thrown Out?

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Default Safety Question. Strapped In or Thrown Out?

Serious question.

So I was lookin at some differnt videos of speedboat wrecks and brought up the question in my head, would it be better to be strapped in like a race car with a 5 point seat harness OR be willing to risk being thrown from the boat with a rated lifejacket. Of course the canopied raceboats have the best of all worlds, but for the pleasure boater in a 70 MPH+ go fast boat the questions arrises. At least for the canopied boats if you wind up upsidedown you are still strapped in and usually have an oxygen supply.

Each seems to have it's advantages and disadvantages. If the boat stays upright then it seams being strapped in by seatbelt may be a better option. However if the boat flips and go capsized/airborne seems you would have a better chance of less bodily harm or injury by getting thrown from the boat. However once you start moving about, what you hit with your body, including your head is totally random. You could go acrossed the water or hit your head/body on the boat. But if you are strapped in and somehow loose consiousness you are cooked.

In either case, watch some videos of people on a normal "just having fun day" when tragedy strikes in the blink of an eye. If your not at least wearing a lifevest with lanyard attachment then (in my opinion) you have no respect for the sport/hobby you are invovled in.

Anyway, looking for some of the opinions on this topic. I guess I should clarify more on the pleasure boat, no canopied, pleasure boats not the race boats.

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Originally Posted by ferraristyle View Post
Of course the canopied raceboats have the best of all worlds

Anyway, looking for some of the opinions on this topic.

Lol, if its opinions you want, you're on the right track! Theres a lot of arguements on the safety of canopies in a wreck..
I'll let the pros chime in on this one...
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