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7000 Hp 261 Mph

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The fuel boats run counter rotating, two blade, cleaver style props.

The danger in this sport is why Eddie Hill, while one of the best of the best went to asphalt racing and became multi time natl champion.
He would also tell anyone that asked why he changed.

Back 20 yrs ago one of the Arfons stretched a drag hull to go after my friend Ken Warbys outright record. We all knew what was going to heppen. Those boats were/are out of control at 200+ even though they're only at those speeds for a couple hundred feet and Arfons was going to attempt to go 150 mph's faster for a kilo and then a back up run??
Sadly, it didn't end well.

Here's pic of me (red jacket, the MAN in black) jumping the starter on "THE MAN's" boat so we could set his drive way on fire I think there's video of it some where on you tube.
There's "quick" and there's "fast" and they ain't the same.
He went faster (over 100 mph's faster) w/less power in a boat he built in his mom's back yard, from crap he bought at the scrap yard 30 yrs ago.
If you look up the term "stud" in the dictionary you will see Ken Warbys picture. BTW, proud citizen of Cincinnati Ohio.
If you ever get a chance to see the documentary on his record run, watch it. You will walk away saying, "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy" regardless of how fast you think you've gone.
Better yet. meet him in person. The guy is in his 70's now and I'd still walk into a bar anywhere USA w/him at my side and not flinch.
He is a stud.

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I am preety sure that most of them run a dual prop set-up that poisition the props side-by side. Thats why the red boat that loses a prop goes right and keeps accelerating; its only spin one prop. The first video shows a picture perfect run of a boat thats set up well. The way that boat takes a set and keeps pulling is really nice. The problem with these boats is that a lot can go wrong very quickly (so quickly the driver cannot react) and the results can be catastrophic. Years ago they didn't run saftey capsuals and the mortality rate was the highest in motrsports. Now, they are much safer and much quicker than back then.
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If I'm not mistaken this is also in 1000' not a qtr mile.
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The launch barge would be a way cool spot!
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when the top fuels would leave the line the starters barge would move several feet I assume from the force of the exhaust hitting the canopy. they are pretty impressive to watch leap from the water.
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Default RIP John Haas Speed Sport Special

John Haas of Allegan MI was the world champion top fuel hydro racer and held the speed record, but was killed last year in an unfortunate qualifying pass (I think it was in OK). He was a great guy and a real humble champion. Dozens of wonderful people have been killed in this sport, particularly in the top fuel category, primarily because of the combination of speed, horsepower and the requirement that everything has to be working right to stay on track. When things go bad at these speeds, even with fighter capsules, it's not pretty. By comparison, offshore boats are very forgiving, meaning if the driver makes an error or there is a mechanical malfunction, disaster can usually be avoided. I started boating with a '72 Sanger v-drive flatbottom with a 427 Chevy, and I quickly learned that driving these kinds of boats is not for the inexperienced or careless. In comparison to other boats, a v-drive flat feels like a high powered Porsche with super responsiveness and extreme acceleration (power to weight ratio is awesome). As with any kind of high powered machine, the operator needs to be respectful of what it can and can't do, and understand its limitations. We always wore our life jackets (and still do) in the event of a mishap -- it just makes sense. Be safe everyone!
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I remember one racer saying "I'm just along for the ride after the launch".

still the most impressive disppay of power and speed of ANY sport!!

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Imagine 25 yrs ago with open cockpits and single shaft drives. Those guys had some serious balls. The launch was pure violence. We raced drag boats for yrs before switching to hydroplanes. The most dangerous motor sport period. I believe 9 deaths in one yr back in 83. The only time I ever told my father I did not want him to drive was when he was offered a ride for a fuel hydro team. I saw him lose to many close friends. I have the utmost respect for anyone that drives or has driven a fuel boat!
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