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Hydrolocked, now no fire. Ideas?

Old 08-22-2011, 01:14 PM
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Default Hydrolocked, now no fire. Ideas?

Im having a bit of an issue. We got water in one of my motors (on land incident) and we drop'd the plugs (not fun in the boat) sprayed the cylnders with wd40 changed the oil, etc.

We turned it over with the plugs out then plug'd and put everything back together to fire.

The issue is we cant seem to get her to fire, we have had her shoot outa the intake, but cant seem to get her running. Im a fuel injection guy and carbs are not my thing. Ive always stayed away from using anything like starter fluid to avoid the risk of blowing the carb apart.

Anyone have any suggestions? should i just say screw it and throw some starter fluid down there and hold on? Its an HP 500, they are hard to start very tight motors on a good day, so something with some umph! is what i need.
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I'm always against starter fluid. Always. That **** is too dry on the cylinders/pistons for my liking.

What immidiately comes to mind is the distributor. How exactly did you get water inside the engine? Dropped a bucket in the engine bay?
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Since all the plug wires were of , go back through the firing order.
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Sometimes the cylinder walls get washed, take the plugs out again and squirt a little 10w30 motor oil into each cylinder. Bump it over than put plugs in. I've had to do this several times to get an engine started after it sucked in water.
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Originally Posted by fasthawk6 View Post
Since all the plug wires were of , go back through the firing order.
Pull #1 sparkplug out. Stick finger in it and start turning motor over. When you feel compression blow your finger out. Check where timing is at ballancer. Rotate balancer around to about 8 degrees advance. Pull distributer cover off and look where it is aimed at. That is #1, now go around and check to make sure you have plug wires correct. Clue was backfire thru carb. It is real easy to put wrong wire on wrong sparkplug when you have them all off.
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