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201 - My Way

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Default 201 - My Way

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Default 50 Mystic

I saw the run live.. looked amazing!

Bob Teague thinks it will go faster, next run...
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Wow that bad aszz. What speed did My Way go threw the traps at?

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How many turbines there??
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What did Young run in the Skater Vee?
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Originally Posted by BeerMaker View Post
What did Young run in the Skater Vee?
126 mph on the 399.

Romer 2nd run 187.

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So happy for My Way and Mystic!
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Way to Go Bill!

T55,s in a Mystic!

The record is 209 with the same hardware.
Bet He has more on the table.

I hope he takes it! Mr.T is on a mission.

To all the contenders be safe and good luck!
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Thumbs up congrats to My Way new and old

BILLS 1st run was 201 with MY WAY , Bill said the 2nd run might be late to day or in the morning. by the way GERRY KNOT RIGHT bought the 1st MY WAY without power and rigged it for 1200hp big blocks abot 5 or 6yrs ago and then said it wasn't fast enufffff; and rerigged it with t53s and its real fast again with the t53s.[when it was my way it had t53s but were taken out for new boat and sold without power] so if anyone wants to add t53s to there boat get ahold of KNOT RIGHT he knows all about both turbines and motors . he has helped me with my project of rigging a konrad ace set up on a boat that had a b1 drive. and hp500. we had to rerig everything for the DEAN GELLNER 572 1071 BLOWER motor ,higher X, add gauges wiring custom motor mounts steering pump, alt brackets that he modified at his shop. he also has a good paint guy, but I think he is just as good after seeing him tough up custom paint work on boats. my boat we should be testing next week shooting for a 35mph increase in speed with the 28 saber. so if anyone wants to look into t53s I'd talk to Gerry 1st he could put a package together that would surprise you on what it costs compared to say big turbos or blower motors for what they cost. Artps thanks Gerry for having the talent to do what you do. you are gifted human being and a great friend over the last 5 years. so to the guys with the big boats ONCE YOU GO TURBINE YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK. its like being a ROCKSTAR when you pull up to a dock people come out of the wood work to see what sounds like a 747 is doing at the dock, even the blow boters come to see WHATS UP!!!!!! with that strange looking exhaust hanging out of the boat. good luck to the turbine boats it time for 211 mph. Go My Way!!
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Keep it in the USA.....someone needs to top that Kanuck tomorrow. And I hope its a piston powered boat...
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