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Tech section. What happened?

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Originally Posted by Panther View Post
I don't really post much in the tech section, or on OSO these days. When I first joined OSO, I only posted in the tech section. First, work has bee really busy and I don't have time. second, I moved and this whole year was a transition.

And 3rd, more importantely, the tech section of OSO seems to be over run by builders. If I post a tech question I just want an answer or suggestion and be able to give a response. I don't want to be sold on something or convinced that the only solution to my problem is to drop $100K on PSI superchargers, a 1/2 million dollar boat and #6's with Herring propellers!

I guess I preferr the beer and chips stuff and boating on a budget, do-it-yourself sections of this and other sites.
PERFECT post.....

I totally agree, at one point I was "attempting" an upgrade and posted for some advice and was told I was doing it all wrong and needed to buy this and that etc.....I even got PM's with offers to sell me items I would need for a "proper" build.....

I weeded through various responses and finally got to my happy zone with help from a couple of stand-up members, not naming them but they know who they are...

Point being, this is a public forum and there are going to be a variety of members, some looking for free advice, some looking for the "magic fix" and others who don't have the $$$ or access to top notch builders they have to try things on their own. If you think the post is there looking for something you don't agree with, either post with an educated response, or don't post.
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I agree with everything above particularly panther. I think if people that do this for a living would approach the tech section like it was thier own boat, not a customers a lot of the critical assessment of what others are doing would go away. A "for hire guy" needs to do things bullet proof. A shade tree guy not so much. So corners can be cut if the shade tree guy recognizes that fact and that he may not get an excellent result, maybe only mediocre. So the disconnect is just that. And it is this disconnect that makes this thread valid and defines why the tech section is much less than it was a decade ago. Back then we were all shade tree guys or guys just starting to make a living in the biz. There was a lot of common ground. I never felt like I could not ask a question for fear of what the responses might be of my poor thinking and judgement. That is why I ask all my tech questions on boat freaks. I never get any of that and it reminds me of OSO back when it was a bulletin board. Anyone remember those days?

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