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2002 Smoke On The Water  a few pics >

2002 Smoke On The Water a few pics

2002 Smoke On The Water a few pics

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What an awesome day for an awesome poker run. I had a chance to check out the boats at the docks, when they left and when they came into Muskegon. It was a great show! I saw the Hoist boat come into Muskegon first with the Cig 46 Rough Rider (???)(Red, White and Blue Cigarette from National Marine) close behind. There were a lot of boats(National Marine was well represented). I got a good picture of Wally's "Stress Test" from the Muskegon pier as they came.

It was nice to meet Keith (Playn) and Todd (RedStripe)
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Originally posted by RiverGirl
Talk about BIG BOY HARDWARE!!!
.... all in one place!

Sorry I missed this event!
(kicking myself as we speak)...

Thanks for the pictures.
You should post them in the photo gallery. So they are not missed!
A must see for all that's for sure!!

eeeh, when is the next one...?

The pics are also posted in the "Smoke on the water" section of the photo gallery
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I must of overlooked them.
Thank You
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From my vantage point (about 1 mile south of Saugatuck)...and let me tell you it was a very beautiful spot being way up there on that bluff. I had forgotten to mention that there were several people (were talking bikers, walkers, runners and people who were in their cottages/motel rooms) who were wondering what all the noise was as they couldn't help hearing the first wave of boats coming by then they stood to watch another wave come by and another--and another! There was a motel up on that bluff and a few of the guests came running out of their rooms when they heard the AWESOME ROAR of the first wave of boats going by. I thought that was kind of neat because these people didn't even know the poker run was going on or even what the event itself was to begin with, but they just thought it was cool to see all you guys out there with your boats. They were kind of hoping that you guys would run a little closer to shore so people can see the boats a little better. There must have been about 20-25 people watching just from where I was at!!! I thought that was pretty cool as well! I ended up letting several people look through my binoculars so they could make out the colors and graphics a little better.... I really enjoyed sharing my binos and answering the questions. You guys put on a great show unexpectedly for those people standing in just that one spot with me. Just think of how many other people were doing the same thing all up & down that course shoreline that we don't know about and watching the action! Some of the boaters ran a little bit closer to shore and the spectators really seemed to enjoy that...most ran a bit further out. So you guys, I know event rules may require you to run a certain distant out from the shoreline, but as the boats thin out it may allow you to safely come a little closer to shore---just remember there may be some (and there usually are) spectators unaware to you that may be watching from shore who'd like a better glimps of your HOT BOATS as they scream by. At one point an all white CAT slowed down to an idle in front of my vantage point and began to turn sharply towards shore and came in much closer...almost straight for me and then turned north just as a 42' Tiger came flying by as if to taunt the CAT and passed him as it was coming back on plane. Well, that CAT (whoever it was) didn't take long before he had enought of that Tiger and leaned pretty hard into the throttles and past the Tiger and the people I was standing with seemed to like that and were pointing their fingers at that one. You guys looked great out there!
Nice job with the pictures Playin'

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Nice pictures! Sounds like a blast.
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We watched the boats arrive at the first stop in holland.

the Cat "Hoist Marine" FOR SALE BTW , was first to holland, I think followded by Rare Breed. this was 1-2 chop.

then the big v's i think, I 'll have to watch my video again

then I just got dizzy trying to film all those incredible machines. DonziMitch was right next to me screamin his head off something about
" I'm gonna work my @$$ off 26 hrs a day so I can have one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arggggggggggggg.

thought he was going to fall out of that center console Zodiac.

the anticipation is great wating for them to arrive. first you think you hear a rumble in the distance. you stop your conversation....nuthin........... then..."what was that, hear something??... then the faint helicopter chop. then appearing over the horizon is 10+ roosts!!!!!!!!! then the rumble !!!!! then they are on top of you. passing on both sides. " the dizzy part"

we then went to Grand haven, cruised at 40mph, Mitches legs were getting tired so we took one 2 min break. barely got to GH, and the front runners arrived. AFTER Running to South Haven, and getting their cards, and returning. HOLLY CRAP.
the waves were now 3-4's

met a highschool classmate. she was on Mascarade. Sorry I forgot the owners name.
that gets my vote for favorite. FOUR 600's ......and he hit 101 that day!!! that's excessive

When Cat Can Do fired thier engines on the docks, there must have been 40-50 guys drewling over that thing

ok Smoke entrants. Motivate us hard working, forward thinking boat lovers. WHAT ARE YOUR OCCUPATIONS!!

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Were doomed!
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Thumbs up

Was a great weekend!! I didnt get to meet too many OSO people though... either they werent weraing any OSO stuff or they didnt come up to the boat.....

Stress Test was pushed above her limits!!! When KAAMA saw us with the engine hatch up is when our water intake line poped off and overheated the engine!! I thought i caught it in time but at the end of the day there was a milkshake in the engine! We did get to finnish the entire poker run before it took its toll though so that was a plus! (Thanks to the guys in the 29 Fountain that were running along side us for stopping to see if we were OK, Same goes for the Cig "Escape Klaws" and the peopl in the PowerQuest (not even sure if they were in the poker run or not!!!))
Its also a good thing i drove up there cause if i wasnt there then it would have been all ther more of a PITA to get the boat back across the lake!!!

I've got some great pics and mpegs of the run too....looking at the digital camera it says 99 spaces used up....i know i have atleast 10mpegs so there must be about 90 pics!!!

i should have some up after lunch today..

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You know KAAMA, That is why we need more of these and advertised better. There were thousands of people like this all up and down the lake (the course ran over 130 miles there and back). I was amazed at the people on the Grand Haven Pier. They were running from all over the place to see. Having that Zodiac was nice because I could get close enough to talk to the big cats and Vs that got there first. Having one big fender makes these guys a little more comfortable with me along side. I ran back with Rob and I was tired. Kept it around 40mph in 3+ following seas and it was work. The ride back was great since the seas had died and the weather was soo nice. Not like the old Donzi but I spent only $10 in gas there and back Can't wait for the next one and if were not for this Board I would have never known and I live 20 miles from Grand Haven. I live about a 1/4 mile from the lake and if I had been home and heard that noise I would have freaked out not being there. I get goose bumps just reading this post and seeing the boats again. Man do I need another one of these.
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I think they keep it low profile for liability issues....the stops and starting times and locations were not let out to the public to keep the traffic down(I think). I was in the last Thunder marine poker Run in 1995 and the starts were right near shore close to the pier's and it was great for people to watch but chaos on the water!!!could have killed someone easy!!By the way who won????what was the winning hand?
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Originally posted by Playn
"Rare Breed"

Where is the exhaust on this boat?
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