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Low Profile Tires on a Trailer?

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Originally Posted by NHGuy View Post
Hi, lifer tire guy here.
If you decide to stay with 2156015's get the HR, VR or WR's which have more heat resistance than the standard performance tires do.
I also looked up the load index on those tires for you. The 93's can carry 1433 lbs and the 94's can take 1477. So you can only have 5732 or 5908 lbs of trailer & boat on those tires.
The 195/70R15 Load range D's are for water tank equipped VW camper vans, they are really sturdy, although they are 1/2" taller than the 215/60's. That should fit fine - only 1/4" of the height is above the axle. But the real benefit is that their capacity is 1984 lbs each, that gives you 2000 lbs more capacity, a nice cushion. If you get those, and I suggest you do, remind your tire shop to use high pressure valves since the D's run at higher pressure. Probably 65 PSI, read the sidewall to make sure.
If you do the block lift remember that everything above the axles goes up by the thickness of the blocks. So if you have a low bridge, garage door or tree nearby you need to relearn your clearances. Also you may need to replumb your brakes if the lines won't reach the extra distance.
If you do the lift it would also be advisable to put bolts through the blocks, frame and axle mounts to keep the axles located where you want them. I'm assuming you have the torsion spring crank style axles. If you have leaf springs they can be flipped &/or blocked also.
Thanks so much for the information! I am just going to go with the 195/70/15's. The tire shop will do the swap for me from the tires that are on the trailer now for free (just have to pay the difference per tire which is only around $10 or so). The block thing just seems like alot of extra work lol. If I had to pay for 6 new tires then I would def. consider it.

Thanks again everyone!
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