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Don Aronow Memorial Race...Sept 24th

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Someone cue the final jeopardy (thuinking) theme song...haha
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Originally Posted by catastrophe View Post
If they want an audience, this question should be answered.
The answer is 8 to 10 boats and we PM’d Speedgirl yesterday.

This will be my last post on this thread, obviously “the boys” have taken it so far off topic it has become worthless.

A friend called me last night and said he knows Fatech2 and he is only in his early 20’s and probably the other kid is too, acts like it anyway. He said the best thing to do is to ignore them, which I will be taking his advice.

We started out with the idea that we would honor one of the greatest names in our sport, Don Aronow. We thought the best way to do that, was to have a race over the same course that he himself once competed on, the Around Long Island Marathon. We have no sponsors and very little in the way of funding for publicity, but we decided to go ahead and do it anyway.

Last year we had a very small number turnout, but a very high quality turnout, from the latest 4 engine 50 foot Outerlimits all the way down to a guy who towed his 18 foot Donzi up from Virginia. As these races do, the attrition took out everyone but one boat and he completed the course in 6 hours and 15 minutes. He did it.

This year we attempted to gain some sponsorship support, hoping that the sponsors would see the value of a sporting event in the New York metro area and the many millions of potential eyes that could see their brand headlined. No takers, over and over again the economy and cutbacks in budgets were cited. We understand but went ahead with it anyway.

Billy Frenz and his NPBA were the ones who really did the hard work putting this together last year, taking a pretty good loss financially also. However, he agreed to take it on this year and see if it could build it up. He even offered discount entry fees if people registered early, $600 rather than the full $1,000.

As the date came closer, we tried to pump up the interest, with no budget and have had some success, in both competitors from last year and attracting some new ones, who all seem to say…”I’ve been reading about this kind of racing since I was a kid, thanks for the opportunity to do this now.”

One of the efforts was to start a thread on this site and others to inform people of the event and be able to answer questions and concerns about the race itself. Our good friend Fastech2 starts with this question……in post 28.

i hate to bring this up again but the entry fee is pretty staggering for the average boater ($1,000). yikes...

dont complain about lack of entrants when the price tag for entry is a g-note. not to sound like a smart ass but what makes this run so special that it costs so much? what else do you get for entry? i would hope food at least?

Just hit me wrong, it can be seen there is no real interest in either the race or rules or anything but busting over the price of the entry fee. I find out later this is common with this kid especially over poker run fees. Simple, if you don’t like the fee, don’t enter.

Common sense for anyone who has been to a race or helped put on a race…a real open ocean race…would know. If there is more involved and you have less people to spread the costs, you have to charge more….simple, but.

Some other people started to respond, one of which was my friend Dan…..and this was the response back to Dan…

not all of us live off our parents for a hobby much like yourself

nor are we sponsored by companies like many others...people should stop complaining about the number of entrants if you dont want to hear potential solutions. goes both ways. just playing devils advocate. sometimes the truth hurts. some potential solutions to entice more people would be: food, shirts, dvd's, etc...imagine that. i get such wise @ss responses for asking a simple question like whats included? sorry didnt know that wasnt allowed.

The thread is about a race and now we are starting on the personal attacks? His first question had only to do with is disagreement with the cost of the entry…and now it morphs to this.

Unfortunately, SS930 had started on the same theme on another section thread that we were talking about the race…basically asking…What do you get for the entry fee? So when he started up on this thread, he came on at just the wrong time, I responded based on that and the previous.

They are kids, and they really have some kind of axe to grind with NPBA for Billy actually trying to make money at putting events on, strange. Maybe they expect them to be free. However, my apologies to both of them for my less than gentle responses and I wish them both well and happy boating.

For anyone who is not that concerned with how much Billy makes or loses with this race, we look forward to seeing you next weekend, please stop by the pits after the race and join us for the awards ceremony. Once again we are looking for 8 to 10 entrants and hoping for more last minute entrants. Looks as if we solved the race gas problem also, thanks for your input.
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FWIW, I believe the Bimini Run has the same entry fee.

Good luck to all involved. I enjoy following these types of races.
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Originally Posted by Top Banana View Post
The answer is 8 to 10 boats and we PM’d Speedgirl yesterday.
Guess you should have posted instead of PMing me....

I only asked since last year we were told a dozen boats were signed up... When it was only 6.... 4 showed and 1 finished....

In the past, 1970 - 80's, how many would be in the "race" around long island?

This is a VERY hard race for a spectator to enjoy, you see a boat for 30 seconds pass and that is it....

Again congrats to the "Sonic That Could", I don't want to take way his thunder of finishing last year!
You are judged by the company you keep!
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You have either raced in the open ocean or you haven't. Those that have understand the attraction of this event. It sure isn't about free t-shirts or a complimentary buffet. This isn't about showing off the prettiest paint job or seeing how many scantily clad tramps you can fit on the bow of your boat (not that it's a bad thing).

This is as simple a challenge as you could possibly have. Man and machine versus the elements. Those that participate are warriors in the truest sense and deserve the admiration and respect of everyone that is a fan of offshore racing.

I only wish that I still had the means to compete in this event. I can tell you without hesitation that those of us that raced way back in the 80's would have taken this challenge in a heartbeat. No questions asked. For those that have never raced "offshore", and own a boat that think might be able to make it, JUST DO IT! Find a way. There is nothing like true offshore racing. What Charlie is doing is offering you the chance to say that you have done something that few have ever done.

Best of luck to all the warriors that decide to take the challenge.
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Hats off to you and other people like Billy continuing to try and not only educate and keep the spirit of Offshore Racing alive..but putting your butts, time, and wallets on the line to try and bring back the grandest of boat racing ever seen or experienced.

It is a darn shame that this new world of "instant gratification" and "it's not what you do, it's what you buy" mentality, seems to continue to beat you guys down again and again.

IMHO, this whole fiasco of a thread is based purely on out and out jealousy...sure these boys can buy all these fancy boats...but guess what, they can't buy the History and Experience of actually doing it for real. They are just posers and the jealousy that they can't buy the wins and results of the real racers like you , Billy and many others, drives them insane...and all they can do is lash out at others with the petty "why won't you do it my way"'s just that simple.

Plus, some of this younger generation have obviously not been raised to show respect for anyone, much less the real heros of Offshore Racing and/or the sport itself....and the thought that they had gotten so petty about a race named after the memory of Mr. Aronow himself...well, words can't express my disgust.

Just think, if it hadn't been for guys like Mr. Aronow, you, Billy and a long list of real men (and Betty :-) who actually put it on the line and DID something....well they wouldn't have their shiny go fast boats that they spend weekends polishing and bragging about who has the biggest blower.

I do apologize to you and Mr. Frenz for my off topic posts in this thread..watching the disrespect evident by a few here pushed my buttons and I couldn't refrain, and tried my best to change the course of the thread, sorry.

The only thing that makes me I know for a fact, just like you and all the other REAL RACERs that spent so many years battling the ocean with a "Never Quit, Do or DIE" that I have faith people like you, Billy, and many others will never quit supporting, educating and encouraging others to celebrate the Glory years of Real Offshore Racing....


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Thank you Charlie and Billy for trying to bring this event back..
I love the history lesson you and others are teaching us...
It has always been a treat having Charlie and Billy run in our boats
This is my first Cigarette...notice the registration..VA
brought it back to CT in the 1984
I could swear Don was riding with me..the first time it launched off a wave and landed "baby soft"!!!
I know our family respects the father's of our sport...
All the best to both of you...
yes...this is the old guy...
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Reread my post regarding "everybody gets a trophy" that is the entitlement mentality we are dealing with.
I had a friend ask me last night "how much money will you get if you win?" I told him none..... The silence was deafening... So he says " this stuff must really get you off" Yup
If I have to explain you would not understand...
The very thought of the personal challenge and commitment required to do this race makes my heart beat and blood boil.
I wish Danny Pickering would post just the last couple of min from the DVD , where Don Aronow is talking about no cheering crowds and you are alone out there with your thoughts.....if people don't "get it" after seeing that clip.....forget'em!
I am tired of the, yea but there were only three boats bs, if you say that - then enter the race, run what ya brung and hope you brung enough!....step up or step off....
Good luck to all competitors
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I will be their to show support, how about selling some t-shirts and make it a little more of a pre-race event??
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I agree with OL40SVX Sr., notice I said Sr.. We should be thanking Charlie and Billy for trying to bring this type of racing back. This IS Offshore Racing, the way it was intended.

As for questioning the number of boats attending, and complaining about it, have you been to alot of the other, so called, offshore races lately? Many of them have not had many more boats.

To the (2) individuals who came to this thread to antagonize, and to give the ridiculous impression that the only reason they are not entering, is because they dont get food with the entry fee, Shut up and race, and if you do, I will pay for your dinner afterwards. Does that make you feel better?
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