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RIP Sonic (Warning ugly photos)

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Originally Posted by endeavor1 View Post
Yep, I drive like that when pulling a horse trailer
anyone one I have ever seen drives way to slow or drives likes they arent towing anything and going 15 over
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I'm still curious as to whose insurance covered this, did I miss the post? Was it yours or the brokers? My fam sold their insurance biz, but I've seen 1st hand cases like this where coverage was denied b/c the vehicle in question was being used well beyond it's limits, no different then getting into an accident with say a 1/2 ton truck towing a 38ft Cigarette... bye bye insurance along with other fines (happens a lot down here in FL lol).

That Tahoe was def not up to the job, they also have very soft suspensions so even if your within it's "limits" any sway or cross wind can still get the T's bucking b/c of how soft they are. What year was the Tahoe anyway?

Either way, congrats on getting your money!
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Originally Posted by Michael1 View Post
I don't know where you are getting your information from, but you can scratch it off the list as one being accurate.

The auto manufacturers do extensive towing testing for all vehicles with a tow rating. The tow ratings are anything but arbitrary. They are based on frame capacity, axle capacity and cooling, tire capacity, brake capacity, suspension capacity and damping, engine cooling, transmission capacity and cooling, and a series of track and "on the road" trailer towing tests, including hot weather and grade performance.

Sorry, Michael, but you are wrong. They do tests, yes. The tests are not standardized, they are not regulated, they are not represented by legal requirements in the USA. The requirements in Europe are legal stipulations, but they are very, very soft: the same vehicles have much higher tow ratings in Europe than here. Therefore, the manufacturers can and do change the ratings to meet competitive demands, and to enable upselling: e.g., bring people in on a teaser priced truck, then add thousands for tow packages.
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When towing I always remind myself that the boat/trailer is 12000 lbs and the truck is 6000. I E there is a 12000 lb tail wagging a 6000 lb dog. In this case it was probably 11000/and 4500. And the tahoe probably did not have load range d or e truck tires, so when the trailer started to "whip" there was less there to stabilize the whip (oscillation).
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