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Can you achieve greater speed / horsepower with real gas?

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i live next to a air port and helipad and buy 100ll for 5.06 a gallon and mix with 93, they said 100ll caN STAY GOOD UP TO 1.5 YEARS, i dont no how long if mixed,
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I think its also important to remember a couple of major things here about ethanol blended gasolines in all octanes and especially for marine use.
One the 4% to 20% less power from the burning of this ehtanol blended fuel will also result ins a good deal more fuel being used if the engines are re-tuned for ethanol to get the power differential closer to equal.
Second, ethanol blended fuels are very good about promoting the buildup fo moisture(water) in the fuel, especially when stored in a boats tanks for any moderate period of time and the negative effects of this added moisture in the fuel and its effects on fuel system components.
When you compare ethanol to straight gas in existing marine engines its not a good equal for gasoline from a lot of different reasons, however it is mandated now in may areas and seems to be the current cheapest method of reducing certain types of air pollution in gasoline engines.
I know and believe that the total contribution to air pollution from the total use of recreational boating is so insignificant compared to other contributors to air pollution that it is a crying shame that the Clean Air Industry and its beauracrats and policy supporters have hung this recreational sport with this and other (catalyst) costly and damaging stop gap technology sollutions!
Again, our BIG GOVERNMENT small minded solution with OUR DOLLARS! Pay attention, educate yourself and others and VOTE ACCORDINGLY! My final Word STOP THIS CRAP!!

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Ray @ Raylar
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I agree with your post.

The problem is that recreational boaters aren't united and don't have big enough checkbooks to compete with the real polluters.

It is far easier for the govt to use "costly and damaging stop gap technology sollutions!" as you said, and try to fool the masses into believing they are addressing the issue. All the while collecting big money from the lobbyist who don't want real and effective change.
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I did a close to a back to back test with my little tunnel as possible. There was NO difference. The boat is VERY sensitive to the smallest changes and I ran the exact same number on non-ethanol and E10. I ran my 26ET prop which isnt my fastest but much more consistent than the 28 cleaver. I was kind of disappointed.

This is a carbed two stroke engine and that may mean my jetting is a little fat on real fuel and spot on with a little corn....maybe.
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don't run lower then recommended octane, it will detonate, this means you will light the fuel in your piston before the piston gets to the top of the cylinder, this creates "knock". Knock puts bad stress on the crank shaft and other parts of the engine, including bearings.

This is also a counter productive action as it slows the piston down before it gets to the top of the cylinder, effectively making the engine have to work harder and using more fuel in the long run for it to maintain its momentum.

Knock at high speeds can actually create a fair amount of heat as the explosions are happening for longer unscheduled amounts of time and can cause more carbon build up/deposits which rob horsepower as well.

your emissions will get worse *not that anyone owning an offshore really cares about emissions* however, this can create more poisonous gases... If you sleep in your boat, this is a consideration for you to have in the back of your mind as you wonder what gases are now waiting down in your cabin when you go to bed.

Run your specified or 1 grade higher of octane. If you go too high without a proper tune/engine setup, you will run similar risks, but no knock. And again, bad milage.

Because the engines in my boats are old, I tend to put in 3/4 of a tank of 87 and a 5 gallon gerry can of higher octane between 89-94, i find this makes for a nice blend and the engines seem happy. If i go much higher then 5 gal, things just don't seem to mesh together as well.

also to consider, if you find mileage sucks, run fuel/carb cleaner and fuel system cleaners in the fuel, this keeps deposits out of the engine and will help get rid of detonation and robbed horsepower.

Octane boosters are less effective then just adding a couple gallons of higher octane fuel, and more expensive. And in many cases have been proven to decrease power, so don't always trust what is on the labels!
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Originally Posted by E Colby View Post
I'm sure other people have this question. Does using a product like Star-Tron or buying gas with a Valvtect additive keep the ethanol from causing problems in boats with fiberglass fuel tanks? I'm looking at a boat that might have a glass tank.
No,the additives slow the process of phase separation.Not only will it eat through certain fiberglass tanks,but will cause aluminum tanks to corrode,usually at the welds.Fiberglass tanks are found in a lot of boats,not just Skaters. Fiberglass tanks are lightweight,can provide structural integrity to the hull,are less likely to explode in a fire versus aluminum tanks. I had the tanks redone at Skater in2008 before ethanol made it to the pumps here in Atl.Of course I would rather run non ethanol fuel,however don't want to have to search out marina's hoping they have non ethanol fuel.
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