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Fountain Bashing ???


Old 06-11-2002, 10:42 AM
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Angry Fountain Bashing ???

Some members think that listing fountain factory problems is considered bashing the factory. I consider it very realtime information. Specially since its happening to me. I've owned 3 fountains. I can sing the praises as well as the rasberries. If I had read this site before closure on my boat, I would have done things differently. These problems I'm having are big, real and FACT. Facts experienced by other members here. Shipping problems, Cacking all documented here. Spoke to Wyatt, oh yeah, he sold me the damn boat. Spoke to Reggie Fountain, spoke to everyone at fountain. Betty, Reggie's sec got me the return calls. Thanks Betty. Visited them 4 times times and they blew my list off. They said it was done, closed, handeled. Oh and they had there QC guys on board to generate there own list. One of these guys had a pen in his pocket. You guested it. Allover the new Bolsters, seats everywhere. I sent this crap back to the factory over and over. Nothing was done. Just lip service. Bashing huh. Screwups like mine should be handled without question. I work, you work for our time off. Time is limited for everyone. Its not just biz to me. I'm mad as hell. Madder than I was. Pissed off that this is a common occurance at Fountain, That it happened to other Fountain owners. Its because of this forum, Ive decided to take it legal. Im not going to wait around until November. This is a NEW boat. I rode it once till it broke to S!#t. Not because of abuse because they assembled it by hiding quality issues. My frigging galley fell out in front of my dealer. Bouncing around in the cabin. Bashing? I dont think so. Cracks appearing everywhere because the filler fell out. Bashing, I dont think so. Structural beams cracking because of the Gel cap that was supposed to cover it up fell out. Remember NEW BOAT HERE. Bashing huh!!!
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As tempting as that whole rant was.........I'm not gonna go there for ya.......

If i had those types of problems on a NEW boat........I would crack some heads for sure............You my friend have some seriuos patience......
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Default Holy busted galley Batman !!

If that was my boat, there would be no negotiations to repari the boat.....too bad shape.

It would be money back, or replacement boat....nothing more, nothing less.....

Good luck, and keep us updated.........
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Sorry to hear about your problems...its absolutely ridiculous for as much cash as you dropped.

I've never been a Fountain fan, but, it sounds like everyone at the factory has their beak up their a$$.

Good luck man, I hope everything works out for you and your new CAT!!
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What you and others have done is NOT bashing. You are relaying valuable information which is one of the most important reasons we all congregate here.

Bashing is name calling, lying to defame, etc.
I value all the experiences I read about here -- Good or bad.
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DEFINITELY NOT bashing! You keep venting here and we will all be here for you. WHat has happened to you is bull**** and I would od the SAME THING! Hell I did the same thing about another member of this board and the amount of people asking me for help with him and other people they are in similar situations with is amazing and I am all to glad to assist. If it helps you get the situation resolved and warns others so that they do not have to suffer the same fate or at least have thier guard up, then it is well worth it. Those who call it bashing WHEN IT IS TRUTH cannot face reality and that is their problem, NOT YOURS!

Best of luck and keep us posted.

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sorry to hear about all your problems. hopefully everything will eventually work out in your favor.
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Uncle Toys
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Doesn't sound like bashing to me. I don't know the history more than this thread, but it sounds like your getting screwed. This is one of the primary reasons for this board. Let them have it right between the eyes!

p.s. Maybe send them a copy of this thread and tell them how they can reply.

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I really feel bad for you , and the stress it is causing you. You should be enjoying your new boat. Especially when you have to read how much fun others are having this summer, and you've paid big -- but don't have a boat to play in.

When we owned our boat company, we knew the customers worked very hard to get their 'toy'. Most of them refrained from buying other luxury items (and sometimes even necessities!) to buy a high perf boat they could enjoy! For most, it was a lifelong dream to have a 100mph craft.

But occasionally, a boat would come out of the shop that was below par. Not because of sloppiness, but these things just sometimes happen to 1% of the production.

When this did happen -- we never passed it on to the customer. We'd offer to fix, reduce the price or replace the boat. If it was just a cosmetic flaw, many times the customer accepted a reduced price. But we never liked anything to leave that wasn't perfect, to maintain our reputation. But when a guy wants his boat "NOW", you have to let them go sometimes. But we would not let the customer leave til he was satisfied. And for this, in ten years of business, we never had an angry call or letter from a customer - ever.

Instead we had a scrapbook filled with thank you's, kind words, and photos of great times in their new boat.

A good boat company would realize that for every ectatic, thrilled customer they send out the door -- they will sell at LEAST two more boats just on his praises of the product to acquaintances alone. Even though replacing a boat negates all profits, and sends the company into the red temporarily, this policy worked for us for years; longterm.

Happy customers = Double sales

More boat companies should realize this.
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The people that are accusing you of bashing are die hard Fountain fans that have never had the slightest thing go wrong with their boat (I have nothing against Fountain) but you bet your sweet a$$ that the minute they get screwed over they will be on here complaining about it too. So no I do not think that you are bashing one bit
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Quick Reply: Fountain Bashing ???

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