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It's been a while but here is my latest adventure!

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I felt bad until you said "marble driveway" jk
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Wow that SUCKS!!! LOL

If it makes you feel any better I have been building a house up in Maine. I put 2 very expensive windows in the house that we knew were out of code but the old inspector said no problem I am OK with it. The new inspector said NO GO. I had to remove them and put in new windows that don't look as nice but I guess they are code.... I don't think I will ever finish this place! I feel your pain.
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Love it Geno, this story sounds just like my father!
Sorry for all the problems you encountered but I go through this with my father all the time! He buys a truck or a piece of equipment because "I got a great deal on it!" then we spend twice as much money and time "making" it what we need.

But hey, "It was a great deal!"
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You are judged by the company you keep!
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I built in '07 and planned on the 500 gallon tank in the front yard, It took months getting it all planned out only to have them not coordinate with the pouring of the driveway, gen guys had to dig and push the line under the slab to that side of the house because the city approved the plans flipping the house so the garage, power entrance was on the side with the power pole without having the contractor redo the plans. I called and called the GC and propane company to get the tank and lines run BEFORE the driveway was poured. But, guess they showed me who was boss by totally ignoring my requests and getting to the site two weeks after the driveway was in. THEN they had the sacks to complain when they found the driveway in the way of running the line to the Gen pad. I had to crawl that guy up one side and down the other for not returning any of my emergency calls (10 or so). I've not used them for refills.
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Only in Florida Same thing happened to me, just not on as grand of a scale as your fiasco, with a "free" hot tub. $4000 later after moving, plumbing, wiring, and deck building that free hot tub wasn't such a good deal. Some times those "too good to pass up deals" need to be passed up.
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Unbelievable! Great read on hump day morning!
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It's good to have you back Gino, makes my problems seem small. Remember your health, every problem has a solution.
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Thanks for the laugh at your expense Gino! Great read, and good luck getting all settled in at the new place.

We just moved last month, and I might be facing a propane tank install myself. Hopefully it goes a little smoother than yours!
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