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What has been members experiences with 496 HO's

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What has been members experiences with 496 HO's


Old 06-12-2002, 09:22 PM
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Default What has been members experiences with 496 HO's

I have a 37 AT om order and my choice for power is the 496 HO's. I selected the 496 HO's because I wanted a reliable and durable engine package. It will push the 37 AVH 78-80 MPH, which is fast enough for me. What has been other members experiences with this motor??
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Old 06-12-2002, 09:41 PM
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From what I have heard all the bugs have been worked out of them and they seem to be a strong engine.

As for reliability I do not think you can beat the 500 EFI. Not much on the upgrade from the HO, but worth the money in my opinion and should be better resale on an upscale boat like the AT.

Good luck
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Old 06-12-2002, 09:53 PM
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I have not heard too many things bad about the 496HOs as of late; but you just can't go wrong with a pair of HP500EFIs.
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Old 06-12-2002, 10:06 PM
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A friend and I bought our 496 HO's last year. His is in a Sunsation and Mine is in a Donzi. Each of us have over 200 hours on our boats. The motors are strong and reliable. If I had it to do over again I would buy them. The next motor I am considering is the new 525 that came out this year. I think that is going to be the phased replacement for the 500. Additional friends of mine just bought 3 34 Powerquests with the 496 HO's also. They are really pleased. The motors are low maintenance. Good luck with your decision. DMAN2
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Old 06-12-2002, 10:56 PM
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I would go for the 500's, I mean I went for the 500's. Its not that the 496's won't push the boat along at acceptable speeds or are bad motors, its resale, definitely resale.
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Old 06-12-2002, 11:04 PM
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496 motors are pretty nice,the recalls on the early ones are behind now. Here is a thought,the 496mags are pretty friendly priced, the HO's aren't. Consider HP500's or 496 mags,if you upgrade to th HO's,upgrade to the 500's. The 496 mags make a lot of horsepower for the money.
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Old 06-13-2002, 12:45 AM
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Take it from experience.....500EFI all the way,

Three months ago I sold my 2002 33 scarab with twin 496HO's always some type warning beep or buzzer going off, they were a real pain in the A$$. I now have a 2002 Cigarette Top Gun with twin 500EFI's with the new merc ITS drives 60hrs on them and not one problem. Spend the extra $$$ now and I think you will be glad you did in the long run. Good Luck
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Old 06-13-2002, 07:45 AM
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I have over 50 hours one mine. I am very pleased. They are an incredible improvement over the 502. Very reliable and strong. Like Wetness I did experience some buzzing and beeping....had one bad sensor on each engine. No trouble since getting each one replaced.

The biggest advantage that has not been mentioned is the closed loop cooling. This has been a godsend for me since I boat in salt water and beach up a lot. If this is a concern for you stay with the 496's or go with the new 525's.

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Old 06-13-2002, 08:05 AM
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I agree with everything that has been said. I would however question the resale value issue. Sure the HP5's will have a higher value but don't forget you also paid (for twins) upwards of $20k+ for them. If you are a constant salt water boater (like me) then there is, in my opinion, a greater value on having the fresh water cooled engine.
I know that when we sell our boats the description reads, "always flushed, etc..." but, realisitically there are some times that it does not happen and it only takes a small amount of time for the nasty effects of the salt water to take their toll on the water jacket. Then it's only a mater of time before the real problems start. The benefit to the fresh water cooled is that only the heat exchanger is exposed to the salt water and that is a relatively inexpensive replacement item compared to an engine block, water pump, manifolds, etc. which are all fresh water and anitfreeze cooled on the 496's.
I did seriosly consider HP5's for my new toy but sided with the safer fresh water cooled. Besides I'm getting 80mph and have not even labbed the props yet... I would LOVE to see what the new 525's are going to bring! Now that is the engine to have to so that you get the best of both worlds, high HP and reliability.

Hey, if it's a boat and it goes fast. It's all good!

That's my .02
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Old 06-13-2002, 09:01 AM
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I have 120 hours here on my HO. Not one problem, beep or warning. It always starts with a flick of the key, low maintenance, easy to flush, reliable and very strong. I couldn't be happier.
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