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Crash in kw

Old 11-10-2011, 07:34 AM
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so sad i was thinking about Bob and Randy Linebach setting up racing at the pearly gates Randy died in 2004 in the Airborn/Big Thunder boat (ironic isnt it) Randy was a good friend, and was laid to rest on my birthday April 2004. Bob was an aquaintance that i got to have dinner with once in a while when i was passing through town These two men i am sure are now racing in the clouds "GOD"S SPEED" now has a whole differnt meaning RIP my friends I will never forget either one of you

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Thanks to everyone for the prayers, kind thoughts and condoleces, I will post or start a new thread as funeral arangements are made.

Eric Casperson
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I have had the honor to know Bob Morgan for over twenty years. He was a great friend and will be dearly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go to Sue, Robby and the rest of the family. I did not know JT well but he was always a great guy to talk with and our thoughts and prayers are with him also. They were both looking foreward to this race so much because they had prepared so well. Bob and I talked many times about racing, and to do it while you are able but also knowing the risks. He was doing what he loved.
Al and Gloria
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Default God Bless Bob

Known Bob Morgan from years of racing, he was a Missouri boy like me and a very nice guy. Hope you stay strong Sue, Bob will be missed. When I was working for Tron at Nor-tech Bob came in to visit. Got a big "guy hug" and said our hello's and best wishes. He was always a super nice person to me. Liked talking to him about his old muscle cars.

God bless and prayers to your family.

Jeffrey Hopper (the drive guy)
25 years Mercury Racing Lake X
1 at Nor-tech
Now at Legendary High Performance in Destin,FL

P.S. So tired of losing friends and associates. Please keep racing but be careful as you can be. Many fans feel the same as well I'm sure.
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I was also there and was praying they made out. My condolences goes out to both famalies, very sad day in racing. Godspeed.
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RIP to my friend Bob, we will miss you.
Prayers to Sue, Robbie and JT's family.

Love Erik, Deb and Dania
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I wasn't as lucky as many of you to have known these heroes, this thread only reflects how many lives they touched and how much they were loved. Rest in Peace gentlemen.
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So very sad to hear this. I was hoping for the best yesterday after hearing about the crash.
Bob was one of a kind and I offer prayers to his family to get them through this tough and unexpected time.
I met Bob in 1975 while we were all doing the drag boat thing. I learned much from Bob concerning the skills to handle all types of high performance boats, set-up and the ability not to worry about the little things of life. I always tried to at least say hi to Bob over the years at the shootouts along with his visits to Grand Lake. He always saw me first at these events and made time to catch up on things.
Bob you will be missed. Say hello to all of our mutual friends that are no longer here, but are with you now.

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Very Sad. Our thoughts and prayers from The Staff at OPA Racing and The Jersey Boyz Offshore Racing Crews. God Bless.
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