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Warpaint Crash Pics

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I've been meaning to pose this question since everyone has began to make light of the canopy integrity issues. It's always been my very uneducated opinion, or understanding, that most canopy boats provided canopies for little more than protection from wind, flying objects, unfavorable race conditions, etc. Are ANY of these canopies truly designed for anything more than this? Are they truly intended to provide a "capsule" upon rollover, etc??? I've just never heard them discussed as much as a "safety" device as they were a "comfort" option.
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I hear some have roll bars, but unfortunately some have compromized there integrity in the past from what I have heard in the name of visibility etc. thats hear say and not realted to any recent crashes or anything.

So the intent on safety has been there on some set ups.

Like any sport theres a learning curve and tragedy is usually the motivating factor for upgrades much like in any other sport, drag racing, nascar, drag boats etc

As stated previously Nothing is fool proof unfortunatley and racing is a dangerous game. we all know it, but we all hope for the best.

All we can do is hope for the safest outcome for our racing freinds who risk it all to do thier thing.

the capsules of the drag boats are a great Idea for offshore racing IMO. I hate reading about fatalities or injuries of anyone. Breaks my heart to see these guys lose thier lives and effects me deeply everytime I read one of the crash posts.

Maybe cause I know they were just trying to enjoy thier sport and get that feeling we all crave of being best guy out there on that given day.

absolutely, no disrespect intended for anyone who has had a crash, I consider any racer a brother maybe thats why these crashes bother me so much.
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Just on the news Station wsvn7 interveiwed Danny today. Thought I would post the web address for all to see. There was alot of sadness in his voice as he talks about what has happen in the past week. God Bless and RIP for those dedicated drivesr who has left for a better life with the man above..
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Didn't class one over in Europe make spec changes to their canopies based off information learned from the victory crash last year? It looks like the canopies have a raised hatch.
I think talkin trash was the only boat to change their canopy based off these new standards. By the way how come talkin trash ws not at the worlds this year?
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I am amazed at the reactions when I see/read about boat accidents. The disbelief..... I don't give a rats a$$ how well a canopy is built, the impact alone is enough to kill somebody. Snap necks, break backs, etc. etc. Anybody that walks away from something like this should go buy a lottery ticket. One of the saddest and unfortunete things I have come to learn/realize with high speeds in a boat is: "Its not if.... its when" . When I think about high speed impact it makes me cringe.
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Originally Posted by Raylar View Post
My personal opinion as an engineer is to stop looking at the canopy of the boat for safety designs and the boats outer hull as a safety control. Look to seperate internal structure under the canopy, occupant restraint systems and better extraction structure to allow quick exit or retrieval of the racers when the boat is upsidedown or sinking. Have you ever seen a race car without a roll cage?!!! Why do high speed car racers use Hans devices?!!! How long can an injured or unconcious racer breathe under water?!!! Lastly , lets not forget to incorporate this type of safety construction and features in the recreational boats who are capable of the same speeds and potential damage and injury!! Its only a matter of time when this type of tragedy will strike again in the recreational scene!
Another post was started today with commentary from a Miami Florida newspaper on banning this type of boat racing.
This is a warning shot over the bow! Our industry must get moving quickly on this need!

Best Regards,
Ray @ Raylar
I disagree. ALL areas should be addressed including the canopy which failed on Big Thunder, Warpaint and both Victory boats with their fatalities several years ago. I'm with you on the rollcage and the other things. The HANS device will certainly help with stuffs but I wonder if racers would wear it because their heads would be almost immobile, causing issues with peripheral vision.
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The HANS device was invented to prevent basilar scull fractures. A fracture that occurred in formula cars, high G accidents, with a very reclined seating position and heavy full face helmets. Conditions that put a lot of strain on the base of the scull.

Offshore powerboat accidents are usually moderate G accidents, upright seating, and lighter helmets.

Are basilar skull fractures a common problem in offshore racing? If so, HANS or other head and neck restrains should be adopted by as many as possible.
If not, the risk of the HANS getting stuck when evacuating should be considered.

Just my 2 cents.
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Awesome shots Nikon, what body/lens were you shooting with?
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Moved my response to the Cockpit construction thread.

Last edited by MikeyFIN; 11-15-2011 at 06:03 AM. Reason: Moved to cockpit construction thread.
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