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National Performance Boat Museum, looking for input

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Default National Performance Boat Museum, looking for input

As we come to the end of the year, we are looking for input on how to move forward by increasing awareness, increasing membership and yes raising funds to move the Museum project forward.

Since we made the announcement last spring our idea to bring a Performance boat/racing museum to the world, We have participated in 14 boating events, raffled a DONZI as a fundraiser, had a number of articles published about our goal in publications and internet web sites.

On a business front, we incorporated as a non-profit and applied for the 501C3 designation. To date we are awaiting final approval from the IRS. The State of MO has verbally approved our applications but has not finalized their paperwork because they need the IRS designation to be complete. We have been operating under all the guidelines required under the 501C3 designation so as soon as our applications are formalized, everything we have done will cross over immediately.

We have a letter of intent for property located in Osage Beach MO for the physical location of the Museum.

We have been pledged numerous items to be placed in the museum (enough to fill a Walmart) But we have not taken physical possession of these items because we have no place to store them.

The biggest hurdle we have seen in the last year has been raising funds for the project and increasing membership to support the museum project. We have re-evaluated our original plan due to this high cost structure and have came up with a revised plan that we feel will help in increasing awareness, Get more people involved and make the overall idea of the museum more fun for all.

Our revised plan is to construct a mobile museum that we can take to boating events. A semi /trailer, will be built, that will have physical displays and multi-media displays throughout. In addition to these displays, we would like to construct a boat cockpit in the nose of the trailer. This will include video playing race boat footage to give the illusion of what it is like to be in the running boats. Within these displays, we can also highlight many facets of the boating world, from engineering, technology, event footage and even more important things to our history, that being a hall of fame display and memorial section for our fallen boating heroes.

With our display trailer, we will be able to visit many different venues; including race and poker run events. Because of the multi-media availability in the displays we will be able to tailor fit our displays directly to the events we are attending. We will also be able to carry and sell merchandise not only for the museum itself but also in conjunction with the events we are attending. IE: Sponsorships will be available to help in covering the cost of the semi/trailer. These sponsorships can be full time (placed on the trailer itself), worked into the displays inside the unit or promoted through the sales area at the display.

Since we will be attending numerous events throughout the country, becoming a member and by upgrading your membership to a “charter member” of the museum will also increase your VIP status. We intend to have member only dinners/parties, we will try to acquire additional discounts everywhere we go, just for the members that have pledged support for the museum. ie: tickets, merchandise, parking, etc. The more you help us, the more we can do for the members.

In no way do we want to take away from our final goal that is to build the full museum, We are hoping by bringing this mobile display to the events or corporate display areas, it will help us in educating people of our history and goals for the future. And increasing membership…

This being said, here is where we would like your ideas and input.

We also need your help and support in order to bring this project to fruition. You will soon see an updated website that is more informative and we are adding a member’s only area. These upgrades will be done in the near future. To learn more and to become a supporter of the museum, please visit:

Please join us in moving this project forward, remember: The past has molded our future!
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Wow, what a great idea! I could see this being at a ton of events throughout the country! I even see big boat shows, such as Chicago, paying you to come and be a draw for the show. It may be the shot in the arm that the industry needs, as it could even be at other events, such as Nascar, NHRA, etc.

I suspect that with this new direction (all good organizations change with the market) that sponsorship would not be nearly as hard to find. There is no doubt that if you can tell a company what and how many events you will be at, that somebody big will step up to the plate! I can't wait to see it! No more East Coast/West Coast/No Coast to deal with!
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Sounds like a good idea Brian. You need the guys that did Woods' trailer. It's pretty impressive.
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I pm you with some info. I work for a company that specializes in mobile museums. I know what we do would work perfectly for what you want to do. There will be a gentlemen going to give you a call to introduce to our company.
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You aren't really looking for input because folks did that last time and you snubbed it all. It seems you just want money to buy a building. Why have an offshore museum at LOTO? There is nothing offshore about has a chance in FL but in LOTO? LOL Maybe next door you could expand to a "Rescue the Catalina Steamer" effort too.
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Originally Posted by PhantomChaos View Post
You aren't really looking for input because folks did that last time and you snubbed it all. It seems you just want money to buy a building. Why have an offshore museum at LOTO? There is nothing offshore about has a chance in FL but in LOTO? LOL Maybe next door you could expand to a "Rescue the Catalina Steamer" effort too.
I have to agree with PC, I just don't see an offshore museum at LOTO making sense. I have been to LOTO for the shootout with Mystic/Callan marine. Nice lake, but at the end of the day, it's still a "Lake". I think if you moved this idea to S. Fl. it would be a winner. Best of luck.
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South Florida, maybe "Thunder Boat Row".

The cost of traveling to all the events will be VERY high. Fuel for 300gallon (5-6 mpg) tanks will run on average $1100-$1200 to fill them up, not to mention the cost of insurance. Insurance companies do not like big trucks and lawyers love to go after them.

It is tough when you have a passion for something like this for it to financially make sense in the long run. But I am sure if there is a will, there is a way. Good luck and let me know if you need a truck driver.

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I think people are getting confused here, the museum appears to me to be aimed at PERFORMANCE and RACING and not specifically OFFSHORE, there is a difference. Many in the "Florida" area think that is the only place to run or race offshore boats, not true and certainly not what I am thinking this museum is about, I could be wrong.
I understand there is a long history in Florida and the area for building, racing, running and promoting boats in general, but it is not the center of the universe for boating....

Bottom line, sounds like a great idea and the "mobile museum" seems like a great "vehicle" to get the word out, raise funds and interest in a fixed building museum.......after all, anything along these lines promotes boating and we all know we could do with a little more of that right now............
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The National Performance Boat Museum is about ALL performance boating, Drag boats, Offshore and Poker run's etc. it is not limited to just Offshore, but more the history, lifestyle and heritage of the entire sport.

Unfortunately with what has happened in the past couple of years as well as last month, truly our sport is struggling… Our goal is to show the good side, get people more interested again and promote a fun and energetic lifestyle.

The museum is a perfect outlet to show the world what we have done in the past, this includes changes in safety, performance and how the boating industry has changed to become more conscious of what is going on around us, ie: quieter boat’s, more performance but lower energy costs, better driver training, which includes being more safety conscious and the list goes on.

I and the people working with the museum project have one goal, that is to bring the idea to fruition. But in order for this to work, the people that care about our sport, must come together and support it and see what good it can bring.

The mobile museum has worked for many other venues in promoting their ideas and bringing it not to just the actual enthusiast but also family’s and people that may have had an interest but have not really been around it in the past. This is how we get new people into the sport and gain credibility along the way.

Another way to look at it is if you can’t make it to us, we’ll bring it to you.

The ideas we are looking for are how to move the project forward, what can we do to promote the sport and what as a “member” would you like to see and do at events that will give a better value for being a member.

The world is full of people who can always see what is wrong….Hell, I’m guilty of that as well. But look around, we need to see what can be done for the future to make things better, that is the world I want to live in. This is just our “little piece” of preserving the past and promoting the future!
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FWIW, there's a Titanic museum in Branson, MO that seems to be doing well.

As for LOTO, is there a body of water anywhere with more performance boats per square mile?

Kudos to all the effort that is going into this. It takes passion, a specific goal, and motivation to take on a project like this. Good luck in your efforts.
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