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Originally Posted by notda1
Was Mercury able to get the permits without a DOT number ? I wanted permits but with no DOT number couldn't seem to get them . Called a service and was willing to pay , just had no luck being a private carrier .
Yes, no problem on Private owner.
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I'll be using them from now on , thanks for saving me from what could be a lot of trouble .
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what is the maximum length for a regular class d license ? i know my new boat is over on width but not by much. dont think anyones gonna argue and break out a tape over 6" on me ... i hope
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Originally Posted by Clustergear
Its a roll of the dice. I used to be the supervisor of a Comm.Motor Vehicle Unit for a PD just outside of NYC. If you don't have permit and get stopped ride is over. If you have a permit and you are running in violations of any restrictions of the permit, same thing ride is over and permit is pulled. If you are stopped and don't have permit the rig most likely will be tow and impounded, its not worth it as permits are cheap and can be obtained by fax from each state you are travelling through. Ten foot is wide and you'll stick out like a sore thumb. There was a post on here awhile back someone getting stopped on I95 in NYC without permit and getting boat and rig impounded. If you find the post and read no one was a happy camper . Because of the width you are running, if stopped due to the libablity and law suits these days they most likely will not let you continue your trip. I would go for the permits and pice of mind.
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I pull INXS from Texas to Florida all the time. Not over width just over length.I use fleet one permits all is fine. We are 84 feet long and legal in Mississippi and Alabama. Just need permits in Louisiana and Florida. We are a personal truck pulling a personal boat.
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In NC the DMV got real big into stopping fishing boats because most of them are over the 8'6" rule. The law was changed so that 10' is now the limit but you must have a light at the widest part of the boat. Anything over 10' you can only tow from sunrise to sunset, you can't tow 24 hrs before or after a holiday, you can't tow on Sunday and you must display the oversize banner and flags. The oversize permit is easy to get as all you do is call and no DOT # is needed. In NC about 2 yrs ago you would get stopped if your boat was close to being over the limit as the DMV had found a way to generate more revenue. After the DMV harrassed enough big politicians who liked to fish and had these big CC's they changed the width. You also have to remember that if your towing over 10,000 lbs you are supposed to have a Class A license. The law states a combined vehicle weight of 26,000 lbs you can have a Class C but it also states towing over 10,000 lbs requires a Class A.
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