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Open Letter to Friends & OSO Members:

In a thank you note previously sent, I told the following about my mom and I to a friend and great gentleman; one of many that has come to Doug's [and my] aid during this time of personal crisis.

"As a little girl, my mother taught me that I should always be nice to everyone I came in contact with. She explained that most of the time I would probably never know what kind of impression I made or how I might have changed someone's life by a single gesture or word in passing. Now that I'm older I try to live by that decree, to accept everyone as they are no matter how badly they treat me simply because I don't know what it's like to be them or what kind of problems they have or what their sorrows are. In other words, "to walk a mile in their shoes". As we go through life at some point we [all] wonder why we are here, what our purpose is, if being here really makes any difference.
In summing up what mom taught me, I'd like to think that we are all here for a higher purpose than to just look out for oneself. I believe that quite possibly that "purpose" could very well be now for some of us. With all that in mind, from Doug and myself, I would like each of you to know, especially the following: Patrick & Kristen, Rich & Doreen, Paul & Jennifer, Bud & Gail, Peter H., Mike D., Dave P., Gary & Karen, Darren (D-Bop) L., Sharkey, the guys from our shop at Pro Marine Racing (Danny, Harry, Dale, Stretch & Arieanne), our business associates and customers, both sets of moms and pops, the "kids" and their "kidz", the siblings, everyone involved with SkaterFest II who helped make it the success it was, all the folks that came to the SkaterFest and bought T-shirts and lunches, all the folks that read Jennifer Q's website/thread about Doug and responded, all of the OPA Point Pleasant race contestants that donated their purse to Doug, the people attending that race that after told of Doug's predicament donated more money, Kurt & Linda who matched the proceeds from the OPA race, those people (too many more to name individually) that came to us with hugs, expressions of love, words of kindness and offers of help in any way, and to the many others of you that we don't know and will probably never meet; your selfless acts of compassion have made a significant impact on our lives...for Doug's life. Thank you for your unconditional love, unwavering friendship, encouragement to keep our chins up, moral support, shoulders to cry on, hard work, donations and above all, your heartfelt prayers. Your kindness to us does not go unnoticed, unrewarded or unappreciated, it has made a difference for Doug and I, and we want each and every one of you to know that it has. God Bless and Thank You All.

Leeanne Lewis
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I wish you guys the BEST. If anyone can pull through this, it is DOUG. He is a fighter and a man of many strengths. God Bless you all.
If there is more I can do, don't hesitate to ask. I will be seeing ya's soon....

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