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Anyone else get flipped off in your HP boat from time to time?

Old 06-17-2002, 09:07 PM
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I Have a bass boat ..which is hardly ever used for fishing, a 90 mp. hp boat which does alot of cruising and a couple stand up jet skis.. If you ask me they all have their place and time ..I dont jet ski on a busy hot saturday afternoon , it just aint worth it.. I dont race when im in tight quarters with alot of other boats , unless its to evade the crowd. As soon as the fisherman who get POed every time a boat goes by realize" they must share the water"the better off well all be. But what realy gets my goat is just plain stupidity and the king of the idiots has to be these first time on water, just bought the thing , sit down jet skiiers who do nothing but spin around in circles like a dog chasing its tail..The next time im behind one of these peop%$..morons and they decide to abruptly spin out and change course without even looking ..Im gonna chase em down and have a little chit chat ..
"Man thats gonna leave a mark"
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Old 06-17-2002, 09:30 PM
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I hear you loud and clear. Where I boat, in southern NJ, at mid tide and lower, there is not a lot of water, except in the channel. Of course, the fishermen are either trolling, or anchored right in the middle of the channel that is only 30 feet across, and they get all pissy when you go by in your "loud HP boat". Get the #$#@ out of the middle of the channel. But you have to be cool, as these type of boaters love to label us HP boaters as the bad boys on the waterways, yet we drink our beer when the boat is on the trailer, washing it off, and those guys drink their beer "all day long while they are fishing, and wonder why they can't find the dock.
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Old 06-17-2002, 09:33 PM
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I just pull up and open my engine hatch whip out some fishing poles , makes sure u ask em if this is a good spot to catch a BIG one. I've done this after getting the finger , they just can't believe u got ball's this big. And my brother in the picture is a great fisherman. So what's real funny is it only takes him a few minutes to catch one and that really pisses em off.
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Old 06-17-2002, 09:51 PM
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I have been flipped off way more on the jet ski than in any of my boats. I did get the clap thing at a restaurant one night after docking-when I shut down the motor-guess it was a little loud I do get some pretty nasty looks when I fire up the twin eggbeaters on the back of the cruiser-good ol' two stroke fumes seem to piss people off a little at the dock. Must be enviro-nazis or something

The best one was when I went over on the jet ski to a small sailboat that was aground in some skinny water. Before I even offered them help this long haired maggot flips me off and says "ha-ha look at the stuck sailboat" to which I replied "Sailboats don't get stuck, Sailors do" and then calmly drove away. Damn was his date pissed. They were only there another 2 hours or so
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Old 06-17-2002, 10:06 PM
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I usually get it from the blowboaters that are anchored in their mooring. In one of the lakes here to get aroung to some of the restaurants you have to go around the marinas and that is where I usually get it and I'm not even throwing a wake. I guess they want their cake and to eat it to. I always smile and wave hello.

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I carry a rod or two with me and yes, I have been flipped off by more than one fisherman...I think I am going to borrow that tactic from now on! That is great...
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Old 06-18-2002, 07:37 AM
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He was probably just telling you were number one. But he lost his index finger in a horrible accident when he tried to unwrap his fishing line from the trolling motor.
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Old 06-18-2002, 10:04 AM
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Too Funny guys! LMAO!!!

Ya, I've had my fair share of friendly salutations from all types.

It ranges from a Middle Fingers, to "Brown-Eye-Salutes"(must be a local thing, right Maximus?) to clenched fist waves...I just act like whatever and either just keep on mgoing or give them the goofiest grin I can think of and wave like a clown....that really seems to boil their blood the most.

It kills me though when some moron is tied to a channel marker, illegal of course, and thinks people should avoid them at all costs...I'm sorry, but get the Fvck out of the channel if you want peace and quiet.
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Old 06-18-2002, 10:05 AM
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Being "flipped" is mild. I was giving this guy as wide a berth as possible since he was pretty close to the dock I was approaching and he hailed me over (I thought he had a mechanical problem and not a mental one) and when I got close enough he hooked me (and I mean flesh here) with his lure! You don't want to know how this ended but it was ugly and lots of cops were involved. --- Jer
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Old 06-18-2002, 10:17 AM
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BAJA has it right...the biggest smile pisses 'em off the worst, especially with a friendly wave, course then again, I love the idea of pulling the rods out and out catching them!

What amazes me about all this, is, during the fishing tournaments here at LOTO or even Table Rock, these dudes drive 80mph zipping in and out of family boats, cutting them off, cutting in front of them, doing things that to this day still amaze me, all in hot pursuit of a fish that isn't going anywhere....and yet if we get within 2 miles of their perfect fishing spot (as mentioned repeatedly above, usually sideways in the middle of a channel), we get the finger or some lame insult shouted.

Remember! A huge part of this is simple envy...

Rodney? Can we all get along???

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