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NADA Values on Boats???

Old 01-20-2012, 04:09 PM
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Question NADA Values on Boats???

I've been looking at mid 2000's boats 30-35ft range vhulls and finding that the NADA values, with correct engine size and options selected, even if I add $ myself for the trailer, are WAY below the price people/dealers are asking.

What's the story?

IS NADA a good indicator of what the boat is really worth?

Or not?
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Old 01-20-2012, 04:10 PM
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It's ALWAYS been that way.
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Depends on the make / model. Some are better reflected in the NADA values than others. I know I would sell my Formula for "book" value any day. But maybe I'm just realistic on what I think it's worth...
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I booked mine out a few days ago. I'll sell it for book any day if the week!
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NADA values are not based on actual sales prices of used boats.
NADA just deducts a certain % of value each year based on the original listed retail price that they have somehow attained.
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What I find is buying a boat UNDER nada would be a decent deal in most cases. Lots of people buy boats and finance them for 15-20 years and are upside down on the boat . That is why a lot of the used prices are high. People trying to sell for their payoff. You also need to remember if you are trading or selling that boat in the future, more than likely the dealer or buyer will be looking at the nada price also. Banks also figure out loan values off of nada books. Just my thoughts. Jeff Wurl
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id sell mine for list any day of the week or even high retail...!
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NADA is primarily a resource for banks to establish value. I wouldn't put a lot of weight on NADA, especially if it is an older boat with improvements.
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I find that on newer boats the book value is fine for the most part, but when you get into older boats with modifications & upgrades, then its not that reliable, As 36Envision said.
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They do even have listings for my boats.
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