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Clapping and Cheering

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Default Clapping and Cheering

I was reminded today of something funny. Who out there has pulled into a waterfront restaurant and upon shutting down you are met with claps and cheers by the patrons sitting on the deck eating dinner? Where were you?
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Happened to me in Hilton Head at harbor town. I was pulling in to pick up my mother and shut down as quickly as possible and coasted into the dock. They clapped and one lady made a rude remark. There were some older gents on the patio also that gave me a big thumbs up, they were laughing at the rude old ladys...

I re-started the boat and let it idle at the dock while I went inside to pee. I always try to be as considerate as possible, but people that act like that don't get any sympathy from me.
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happens pretty often here but we usually know half of the people out there anyway. Usually jump on the deck take a bow and shout something like "dont forget to tip you wait staff . . . . appearing daily . . . . . two shows on sundays!!"
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It's different with us outboard (2 stroke) guys. They usually applaude when we leave them running - because it kills all the bugs.
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Ha funny story. I was actually leaving a resturant/bar..... it was a saturday night and the whole bar was pretty much a 80 foot long deck. As I start up the motor to leave everyone looks to check it out what the noise was. It was a little bit of a chilly night and I hadn't warmed up the motor too much. I put the boat into gear.... make it maybe 20 feet and the boat misfires and shut off. The ENTIRE BAR of maybe 100 or so people start "awwwwingggg and boooooooing" me. I look at my buddy and he goes "START ER UP!!!" I started her up and gave it a rev or two and everyone went ape sh1t clapping and yeahhing..... funny as hell. Actually happened a month later but on my friends boat too.
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Pulled into marina last summer, strong wind, landed the boat ok with silent choice on. Wife grabbed dock,azz hole blow boater setting there clapping hands when shut off. Next morning I started the boat and let it idle just to piss the blo boater off!!! My PQ is not that bad with silent choice off, but it got the message thru!
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When my father had this boat people always b*tched about the noise. Cry-babies. They would cover their ears as if the noise was deafening. And they clapped on occasion when he shut it down.

The Magnum was the inspiration for the Silent Choice in the Phantom. I do like the sound of a loud engine.
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I get that all the time......mostly people are just having a laugh...... All good. But I do have to admit, at one regular spot I go to there are tables 10' from your transom while backing in to the slips........especially at high tide. When we are leaving everyone in my boat makes me wait till there in my boat so when I start my 575's they can watch the people who jump 10' out of there is funny to watch, especially if they were the ones clapping when I came in........
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Happens a lot. I tell them- if its to loud, you are to old.
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I was loading my boat, on the trailer, at the marina, to go get gas a couplemiles away. On mornings like that I'll put the trailer in then I will jump in the boat and just take it immediately to the trailer as fast as possible. I won't even drive it all the way on the trailer, so I don't have to rev it. Well as soon as I sut it off come the hoots and the hollers and some over the top cheering.
Sad thing I only had to go get a few hundred gallons of gas a couple miles up the road.
So when I returned to the marina less than an hour later, with a little encouragement from the marina manager, I decided not to go straight to the dock from the ramp - I decided to idle in front of their covered dock while waiting on the marina hands to take my truck and put the trailer away.
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