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Advice on a new(er) boat

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Originally Posted by ActiveFun View Post
In addition, my friend has a 2009 Activator 30 with a MRD 557ci 900hp engine for sale. It only has 20hrs on the engine. PM me for details.
What is he asking?

The 2010 Activator with the 740hp is asking $74,900. Maybe a lower price could be negotiated. That is alot of boat, that will ride great for a helluva price when you look at it. Stunned it is still forsale.
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Originally Posted by chamb68 View Post
Yes, that is my next issue...can't tow anything heavier that 8500 lbs.

I'm currently looking at a 2006 Sonic Prowler 26', but it only has a single 496 HO...would like more like the cabin
Get a Survey! $ well spent. Looks fairly clean, Rear seat tops look broke down from walking on them. Leaky plastic
Faria gauges, Less than high end tabs. Gonna cost some $'s to ship aswell. There are some deals for like $ + - on this side of the country. Much easier and cheaper to ship south to north as opposed to west to east?
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Originally Posted by POWERPLAY J View Post
Take your hand and smack a tub full of water, then turn you hand and chop the water. Smacking the water hurts less and is softer every time
Haha, that's the way to explain it! I was wondering what the logic would have been to explain that one....but see below.

Originally Posted by Poker~N~Run View Post
Sorry the way I was trying to explain it came out wrong. Brain was faster than fingers(: the warlock has a soft landing for a boat with a pad. Far faster speeds because of pad and on a warlock it has an angle v to it. A true deep v will go in smoother but will be slower. Thanks for correcting me.
That makes sense, I see what you meant now.

I do think a Warlock probably would ride better than a boat with a big pad like most Velocities I think. I always smile when someone asks about a good rough water boat and river rocket's like the smaller Velocities are mentioned.

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You "didn't" say that you did not want want a MCOB but you did say you wanted a boat great in the rough. She comes alive in it. Quite a few guys on this board that can testify that the boat loves the rough. Listed as a 29', but it's 30.5' boat.

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Originally Posted by A.O. Razor View Post
Ok ok, got it Funny guy

Are you talking 8500 including trailer, fuel and gear ect?
Yes...why ???
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Originally Posted by chamb68 View Post
Yes...why ???
Not sure about your question. The funny guy thing was to POWERPLAY for hes bathtub post. Not meant as an insult to you in any way.

Why I'm asking about the weight, is because if it is only the boat, that leaves more options open. If it is complete, it narrows it down somewhat. These two run 77-79 and can with a bit of tweaking hit 80+. Both are very good boats, and true to size. You can always make an offer, you could get a lot of boat for the coin.
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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I'm a big fan of the Y2K Superboat and also the Rage/Activator. I like simplistic, uncluttered hot rods.

How would you compare the pluses and minuses of these two? I usually only see Superboats with 525 power or smaller. Are there any with power in the 700-800hp range and what do they run?
700 = high 80's
800 = low 90's

Mine has a 525, I like to boat, not wrench. Runs great in rough or flat water, longer than most of the boats mentioned, can be towed with 1/2 ton truck, good size cabin, cockpit, and engine compartment.
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