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Avanti 27'...Gen info/questions.

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Default Avanti 27'...Gen info/questions.

There is one for sale here on OSO. 27', 2006, 496 Merc, 145hrs.

The boat has Vauge info about it, it does look clean, I know most hate the look but I myself have zero problems with them.

All that said....... How are they (just the boat not the owner...I know that story)? I live on the gulf and only boat in the gulf. I know it is narrow and a true 27....other than that I don't know much.

Handle in the rough as we get a bit of it often?
Fit finish?
Just the low down on them?

I am aware resale blows, however the boat I buy next will be around for a LONG time so that is not a huge concern. I have heard the rigging from factory can be crap...not sure if the one on here is all factory or not.

I am not sold on it or jumping to buy it, more or less gathering info is all at this point as there is other boats I am intrested but these ones I just happen to know little about.



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One of the best rough water 27s ever built. Some people think the decks are ugly, i like them. They are heavy, and rather slow, with 700hp ours would run low-mid 80s. They are built pretty well, but arent raceboats. The things that need to be checked are the rigging. One that new to be honest i dont know if Dennis built it or Egg Harbor or who else. As long is its rigged decent that will be a reliable 60mph boat!
Heres mine, PM me with any more questions
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There is/was quite a few in this area, in fact I am not far from the one you referenced. As FF2 said, it wont be any speed demon with that power, not that it is necessarily an issue for you. They do run pretty good in the rough. Fit and finish as well as moldwork could be "hit or miss". Some have had very wavy hullsides and fairly severe hooks in the bottom, others look decent. You would have to look at that particular boat to decide if it meets your standards. Also as FF2 said, if EH built the boat after buying the company, I would guess most of those issues were dealt with.

There is another member of OSO that lives in my area that I met last year that has a 27. I believe his board name is 27AVANTI. Maybe you can get some info from him.
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I have a 1998 27 avanti with twin 250's and I absolutley love it! I don't know how they ride with a big block but I know mine accelerates like a raped ape and can hold it's own when the waves pick up. If you can get it for the right price I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. In my opinion they are great boats for what they are. With the outboards I hit 71gps consistently at 5200rpm I still have another 600rpm to go which I might have to try on different props but still figuring the boat out and it's a blast to drive. With the big block on that 27 I really don't know what the top speed would be but I'm sure others will have a better idea.
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From the pics, the rigging looks pretty clean, I dont think you can go wrong at that price.
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As stated it'll be hard to find a better riding 27 footer in rough water. That boat probably sat in a showroom most of it's life. Seems like a pretty good price. If you want more info them pm me.
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I believe member KEVLARKAT32 owned that boat at one time. Try PMing him for info.
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Thanks to everyone for the info.

I was planning to hold for a few months still before buying anything but I am going to contact the marina at that price. I did see it said deal pending but you never know.

Again thank you all.
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You probably have all the info now that you were looking for,but jus adding on.I hav a 95 avanti for last 7 years.I love the boat,i know the lines are not for evryone but it handles rough water great imo.I bought boat with a hp 500 & bravo 1 drive.It ran 72 mph completely stock with 2 people & full tank of gas.I have since upgrade the engine to a 509 & procharger, imco extension box,xr drive with imco 2" lower.I have 3 kids all under 7 and don't think twice goin out with them in rough water.
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If you can, I would try to download the engine hours directly from the motor, if that is possible...
Neat looking hull
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